Barack Obama Pushing George Clooney To Run For President?

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George Clooney President Barack Obama

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney President Barack Obama

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Barack Obama is not pushing George Clooney to run for president in 2020, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony story. We’ve learned it’s fabricated.

Last week, the former president and his family visited the movie star and his wife Amal at their Lake Como villa in Italy. The get-together inspired Woman’s Day to concoct a story about Clooney gearing up for a presidential bid. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “George has been privately despairing about the state of America and the world for a long time, but becoming a husband and now a father [to Ella and Alexander, two] finally prompted him to do something about it.”

The supposed source goes on to say that the actor’s wife Amal, who’s a human rights attorney, “has opened his eyes more than ever about what’s really going on in the world. George wants to change the future for his twins.” The questionable tipster further contends that the actor is eyeing entering the presidential race in 2024, but Obama is convincing him to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. As for how Amal feels about the situation, the “source” says she “never saw herself as a politician’s handbag, but she believes George – and herself – have the right ingredients to make a difference.”

The unreliable outlet fails to mention that Clooney has been saying for years that he never intends to run for president. In a 2017 interview, for example, the actor took the stance that celebrities shouldn’t run for president. Clooney noted that instead of having “someone famous in office,” he’d rather see “someone who knows how to make policy.”

In another interview, Clooney confirmed he has zero aspirations to run for office. “I’ve been asked that for almost 20 years now and the answer is just no,” said the actor. “Who would ever want to live like that?” Clooney further expressed that he has “no interest” in being a politician but “every interest in being involved from the outside and trying to get things done that are important to me.”

In May, Clooney said he’d “fundraise for anybody that is out there that’s interested” in defeating Trump. Simply put, the movie star is happy to use his influence to work behind the scenes on behalf of a democratic candidate, but he has no desire to sit in the Oval Office. A source close to the actor confirms to Gossip Cop that Obama isn’t persuading him to make a bid for the White House. We’ve also reached out to a rep for Clooney.

Woman’s Day is the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted in May for falsely claiming Clooney and his wife Amal were on the brink of divorce. That’s not the case and this latest article makes no mention of marriage problems. The untrustworthy outlet simply has no insight into the actor’s personal life or political ambitions.


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