WATCH: George Clooney Says He May Get “Arrested” For Latest Prank On Brad Pitt On Graham Norton Show (VIDEO)

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George Clooney Graham Norton

By James Crugnale |

George Clooney Graham Norton


George Clooney admits on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” that he may get arrested for the latest prank he’s pulling on Brad Pitt. Clooney tells Norton, “I’m doing one now that I can’t tell you about, but in a year you are going to hear I’ve been arrested. I’m not kidding, because I think I’ve crossed the line.” See the video below.

After Graham Norton asks Clooney about the on-going prank war between him and Pitt, Clooney says, “I’ve done some terrible things to Brad and Brad’s done some terrible things to me too.” He then relates, “We were doing Ocean’s 11 and …one of my favorite things is to get those things that go around your license plate or a bumper sticker, because you never go to the back of your car, and you put it on people’s cars because it’s funny and they can ride around with something horrible, some embarrassing bumper sticker. Clooney continues, “I found a bumper sticker in the shape of a pot plant that said, “F*ck cops,” noting how Pitt then “got pulled over!”

Clooney also admits he’s sent letters to random actors, pretending to be Pitt using phony stationary. “I have sent letters to lots and lots of people from Brad,” including to Meryl Streep. To the actress, “Pitt” sent a load of CDs to teach her how to do dialects. Clooney says he usually waits a couple of years before telling both parties he was behind the culprit.

But the Oscar winner isn’t nervous about potential litigation. He says, “I have a wife, she’s a barrister. I’ll be fine!” Check out the video below of George Clooney discussing on the “Graham Norton Show” the pranks he pulls on Brad Pitt, and tell us what you think.


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