George Clooney NOT Caught With “Mystery Blonde,” Despite Fabricated Report

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George Clooney Mystery Blonde

By Michael Lewittes |

George Clooney Mystery Blonde

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George Clooney was not caught getting “awfully friendly” with a “mystery blonde” while his wife Amal was “nowhere to be seen,” despite an entirely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively blow this pathetic piece of “journalism” out of the water. The claims concocted by an untrustworthy tabloid are 100 percent wrong.

According to the National Enquirer, Clooney was supposedly busted outside the L.A. restaurant Asanebo Sushi with a “lovely companion,” who was not his wife. The tabloid then inaccurately and scurrilously alleges that the Oscar winner’s “marriage is on the rocks.” Using a number of photos of Clooney platonically hugging a blonde woman in the valet parking area of the restaurant as its springboard, the unreliable magazine then quotes one of its either ill-informed or made-up sources saying marriage has been “a nightmare for George, and he wants out.”

But Gossip Cop actually investigates stories, and here’s what really happened. Clooney was photographed by a paparazzo saying goodbye to blonde-haired Dominique “Solrey” Lemonnier after dinner. What the tabloid neglected to point out was that Lemonnier’s longtime husband, renowned film composer Alexandre Desplat, was there as well. The longtime friends and film collaborators all had dinner together. In fact, Clooney and his pal Desplat have worked together on such films as Syriana, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Ides of March, The Monuments Men, and Argo, which the actor produced. And Lemonnier, a talented musician and music producer, has also lent her talents to a couple of Clooney films.

Irrespective of the innocent photos of the actor with his friends, despite the tabloid’s habit of manufacturing specious claims of marital strife between the Clooneys, the two remain happily married. The only one “caught” here is the Enquirer for making up yet another wholly fictitious story about Clooney.


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