George Clooney NOT Begging Kit Harington To Hang Out, Despite Report

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George Clooney Kit Harington Friends

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney Kit Harington Friends

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A new tabloid report claims George Clooney is begging Kit Harington to hang out with him but the “Game of Thrones” star keeps blowing off the actor’s requests. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively debunk this bogus story.

According to the National Enquirer, Harington recently purchased a home near Clooney’s estate in England, and now Clooney is desperately trying to become friends with the TV star. A supposed “source” tells the magazine, “George has been pestering Kit with invites to his mansions in Berkshire and Lake Como – but he’s in for disappointment. Kit doesn’t want to be his new pal.”

The outlet’s dubious insider goes on to say Harington is trying to avoid the Hollywood scene, adding, “Kit’s mind is pretty made up. He doesn’t want to be George’s buddy, but George keeps begging him to come away on a motorbike tour. It’s getting annoying!” The seemingly phony source adds, “Kit’s home is too far to take a boat, thank goodness – or else George would probably row by.”

Of course, Clooney has a wife and newborn twins at home, so it seems very unlikely he’s looking to spend his free time with a young actor he doesn’t know. Regardless of how absurd the tabloid’s story sounds, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who laughed off the report before assuring us it’s “false.” Unfortunately, the Enquirer has a habit of publishing phony reports about the movie star, so this latest piece of fiction comes as no surprise.

Gossip Cop recently called out the tabloid for making up a story about Clooney loving his wife Amal’s “pregnancy curves.” We also busted the outlet after it concocted a tall tale about Clooney’s baby boy peeing in his face during a diaper change. This latest article from the untrustworthy publication is similarly untrue.

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