George Clooney, Hillary Clinton “Secret Meeting Exposed” Is RadarOnline Clickbait

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George Clooney Hillary Clinton Meeting

By Andrew Shuster |


RadarOnline is falsely claiming that a potentially devious “secret meeting” between George Clooney and Hillary Clinton has been “exposed,” but the baseless allegation is simply designed as clickbait.

On Monday, WikiLeaks published more than 1,000 emails from Clinton’s private server during her time as Secretary of State. RadarOnline notes that one of these emails involved a staffer scheduling a meeting between Clinton and Clooney, a detail that the webloid uses to blare in its headline: “BUSTED: Hillary’s Secret Meeting With Clooney Exposed In New WikiLeaks Emails.” The site goes on to ask, “What are the crooked presidential candidate and the actor trying to hide?”

Only, its no “secret” that Clooney is an outspoken supporter of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. It was even widely reported that he threw a star-studded fundraiser for the candidate at his home earlier this year. Additionally, human rights activist John Prendergast also attended the meeting that the webloid suggests may have had a sinister agenda, but it most likely concerned the actor’s philanthropic work.

Of course, despite the site’s completely sensationalized and deceptive headline, the article doesn’t provide a single shred of evidence that anything unethical occurred during Clinton and Clooney’s sit-down. In fact, the content of the webloid’s bait-and-switch article doesn’t at all correlate with its header that’s designed to trick readers into clicking on it.

Unfortunately, Gossip Cop isn’t particularly surprised that the blog’s story isn’t based in reality. RadarOnline is the same outlet that we busted for falsely alleging that Clinton had forced her daughter Chelsea to get pregnant in an effort to help her presidential campaign. The seemingly partisan webloid has once again published an entirely unsubstantiated claim about the candidate.


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