George Clooney Turns Into A ‘Grinch’ For Christmas?

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George Clooney laughs during the Nordic Business Forum business seminar in Helsinki, Finland

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney laughs during the Nordic Business Forum business seminar in Helsinki, Finland

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Is George Clooney turning into a “real-life Grinch” as Christmas approaches? One of the tabloids claims the actor has been a “nightmare to be around” this holiday season. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story.

According to the National Enquirer, the actor has been “barking orders and ruffling feathers” while trying to get his Netflix movie Good Morning, Midnight off the ground. “He used to be so clam and laid-back, but lately there’s a real edge to him and people are getting out of his way like the plague,” an alleged insider tells the outlet.

The magazine further contends that the “pressure of pulling together” his new project has left Clooney “unhinged.” The anonymous insider adds, “He’s stressing getting his cast assembled, and it’s turning him into a nasty customer to deal with, and it’s going to get worse when filming starts. Everyone wishes Amal would calm him down – but even she is frustrated with his foul moods.”

The only accurate aspect of the tabloid’s report is that Clooney is directing and co-starring in a movie called Good Morning, Midnight. Everything else is false. The actor’s spokesperson, in addition to refuting the story, tells Gossip Cop the film “has been cast for months” and is “more than halfway through” shooting. Clooney’s spokesperson further notes that the film is “ahead of schedule and everyone is having a blast.” Good Morning, Midnight started shooting in the UK in October, and the cast includes Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler and David Oyelowo. The actor isn’t trying to get his movie off the ground. It’s very much off.

At the very least, the magazine’s article involving moodiness is less outrageous than some of the other fiction it prints. Back in July, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer for falsely claiming George and Amal were divorcing because he has a secret love child. They aren’t and he doesn’t.

This past May, the outlet made up a ridiculous story about Amal dumping George on his 58th birthday. In January, the tabloid insisted Amal walked out on George and took their twins with her. Gossip Cop debunked every one of these phony articles, and as we approach the end of 2019, the spouses remain happily married. Perhaps the reason the Enquirer is going after the actor’s temperament is because these split stories haven’t panned out. That doesn’t mean the publication has any more insight into his disposition than it does his marriage.


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