George Clooney “Caught” In Gay Affair — Real Or Rumor?

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George Clooney Gay Affair Photos

By Shari Weiss |

George Clooney Gay Affair Photos

(National Enquirer)

George Clooney has NOT been “caught” in a gay affair, despite an outrageous tabloid cover story falsely claiming he and wife Amal Clooney are getting a “$220 million divorce.” Gossip Cop can correct the claims.

The National Enquirer published its latest issue on Wednesday with a cover announcing “it’s over” for the Clooneys “after only 13 months.” The supermarket tabloid’s cover also proclaims to have “gay photos” of “Clooney’s romp with [a] TV star” that “will destroy the marriage.” But despite it being blared that Clooney has a “twisted double life” and “sham marriage,” this “exposé” is not at all based in reality.

The “gay photos” of Clooney? They’re shots of the actor and former co-star Noah Wyle goofing off at the Desperado movie premiere 20 YEARS ago. The National Enquirer dramatically deems them “secret spy photos” and ridiculously alleges they “could seal the deal on his $220 million divorce.”

“There’s no doubt George never told Amal about these pics of him kissing a dude,” a so-called “Hollywood insider” is quoted as saying. The supposed source adds in totally unnatural language, “While I’m sure prankster George will now laugh them off as a joke, the photos are exactly the sort of thing Amal’s friends suspect — that George is hiding a lot more about his personal life.”

The magazine’s alleged tipster even declares, “There’s no doubt her pals will tell her now’s the time to get out o the marriage!” The National Enquirer goes on to use the completely benign pictures to rehash its previously false claims about how Clooney “dumped Amal on the eve of their one-year anniversary.” But seemingly contradicting its own prior reporting about the relationship already being over, the outlet now concludes, “His provocative photos from that long-ago time could serve as the death knell for his short marriage to Amal.”

The only thing “twisted” here is this tabloid fantasy. There is nothing at all salacious about the decades-old photos of Clooney and Wyle, and the Oscar winner and his wife were out earlier this week looking happier than ever. The National Enquirer just wanted to make the appearance of a gay affair scandal for the sake of selling magazine copies.

It’s sensational to say the least, not to mention completely erroneous. A Clooney insider tells Gossip Cop that he’s not surprised the outlet stooped so low. Sadly, neither are we.


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