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Presidential elections and celebrity gossip are both great ways to sell magazines. Ronald Reagan, once an actor, became the President of the United States, so why couldn't another proper actor? Stories about celebrities running for President are ridiculous. With the election not far away, Gossip Cop has collected some stories about famous fake campaigns.

Screenshot of Eminem in a hoody

President Marshall Mathers

After Eminem performed an anti-Trump freestyle rap, HollywoodLife ran a story about the "Berzerk" performer potentially running against Trump in 2020. The article spoke to a so-called "source" close to the "Stan" performer, who said there was "not a chance in the world" about Eminem running for President. Gossip Cop was exclusively told by a spokesperson for Eminem, "that source is not a real one." The figment in question alternated between calling him "Marshall" and "Eminem," which isn't how people talk. Obviously, Eminem did not run for President, but why did the tabloid run this story at all? If you're going to make up a source then you may as well go all the way with the made-up story.

Oprah on the cover of Life & Style
(Life & Style)

President Oprah Winfrey

In a cover story, Life & Style attributed the quote "yes, I'm running" to talkshow legend Oprah Winfrey. The tabloid said it "exclusively learned that O is assembling a top-notch team of political experts to help her take over the White House." She was even "willing to spend $1 billion" to ensure she won. The tabloid even said Tom Hanks "might run with her," though "she'd probably pick a seasoned politician" to be her running mate. Winfrey has her own highly successful magazine, so why would she exclusively tell this tabloid anything? She never said she would run for President and, hindsight being 20/20, she never did end up running. Furthermore, what do Hanks and Winfrey have in common other than being famous people? Weird choice for a silly story.

Screenshot of George Clooney in front of an American Flag

President George Clooney

George Clooney's name comes up often when tabloids discuss celebrity presidents. HollywoodLife claimed "Julia Roberts and many more" were trying to "convince [Clooney] to run for president." The Michael Clayton star was bombarded with the suggestion at an AFI event honoring him. Gossip Cop busted this story because the tabloid had no handle on who was actually in attendance that night, as Roberts wasn't there and no other names were listed. Clooney has personally denied any desire of getting into politics, so it looks Arnold Schwartzenneger's tenure as Governor of California is the highest political office that a Batman and Robin castmember will reach.

Kim Kardashian speaking at the White House.

President Kimberly Kardashian

When Heat claimed Kardashian would run for president, it couldn't say if it was in 2020 or 2024. On one hand, this is wise, as it buys the tabloid a whole extra election cycle to be correct. On the other hand, it demonstrates a fundamental lack of insight into Kardashian's supposed plan when it can't even say when it would happen. The reality star has been "secretly shadowing politicians, past and present" but couldn't name a single example. The whole story was vague and lacked any real evidence.

Meghan Markle on 'Suits'

President Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is already literal royal in one country, so why not rule another? According to Woman's Day, "Meghan's always had political designs, and there are whispers she's thinking of running as a Democratic candidate for the 2024 presidential election." She wants to bide her time, get used to Los Angeles, and build the best "Advisers like Oprah and George [Clooney]" before announcing a run. It's strange that Markle would ask celebrities for campaign advice and not, you know, a campaign adviser. The whole story was just absurd and tried to act like Markle left the UK specifically to run for President. She left to evade rumors like this.


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