George Clooney Gets Annoyed With Reporter Who Questions Actor’s Refugee Crisis Activism

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George Clooney Annoyed Refugee Question

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney Annoyed Refugee Question

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George Clooney lost his temper with a reporter at a Berlin Film Festival press conference on Thursday when the journalist questioned the actor’s dedication to helping solve Europe’s refugee crisis. Clooney, a staunch humanitarian, pointedly told the newswoman, “I have gone to places that are very dangerous, and I work a lot on these things.”

Clooney is in Berlin to promote his new movie Hail Caesar!, and even though the interview was part of the film festival, the German journalist had a politically driven agenda. After the woman insinuated the actor was more concerned with his Hollywood career than social causes, the actor shot back, “I spend a lot of time working on these things, and it’s an odd thing to have someone stand up and say, ‘What do you do?'” An irked Clooney added, “That’s fine, knock yourself out.”

Clooney went on to note that he’s meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, as well as with European refugees, to address the issue. Germany has taken in around one million refugees who’ve migrated from their war-torn homes in the Middle East. “There’s a lot that has gone wrong,” Clooney added. “And we all know there’s a lot of conversations that should be had and continue to be had.”


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