George Clooney NOT Under FBI Investigation For Money Laundering, Despite Report

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George Clooney FBI Investigation

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George Clooney FBI Investigation

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George Clooney is NOT under an FBI investigation for money laundering, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the falsified story. We’re told the claim is “fabricated.”

The allegation can be found on the front of the new National Enquirer, while the headline inside the supermarket tabloid announces, “FBI Probes Generous George’s $1 Million Cash Gifts!” According to the accompanying story, “Moneybags George Clooney has been dragged into an FBI probe, after gifting stunned dinner party guests with $1 MILLION in cash stuffed in a designer bag!” The article further claims there’s a “hush-hush government investigation” surrounding the star and “the hoity-toity dinner party that spawned it.”

The event was supposedly held to celebrate the success of Casamigos, Clooney’s tequila line. The publication contends that the actor, known for his “generous nature,” had a “desire to spread the wealth.” A so-called “source” is then quoted as telling the tabloid, “Being the practical joker he is, George would’ve known that doling out $1 million in cash to each guest would’ve caused some intrigue and embarrassment when they went to deposit the money at a bank. There is a protocol, and the FBI would’ve been called in to question the depositor.”

“But in the end, it was proven that George did, in fact, throw a party and gave everyone $1 million in cash, not to mention a designer bag,” claims the gossip magazine’s source. The tipster asserts, “This is the last thing that George needs right now. He’s got twins on the way and G-men at his proverbial doorstep!”

No, the last thing Clooney needs is manufactured stories like this one. The article is peppered with eyebrow-raising phrases like “FBI money-laundering probe,” “money laundering scandal,” and “federal attention.” And yet there’s no real probe or scandal, and the Oscar winner hasn’t attracted any “federal attention.” Asked about the National Enquirer’s contention that Clooney is under an FBI investigation for money laundering, a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The story is fabricated.” Shockingly, however, we did hear Clooney once gave a group of pals $1 million each for sticking by him during the tough times and even paid their taxes.

This is not the first time the tabloid has published an outrageous and untrue tale about the movie star. In 2015, for instance, Gossip Cop busted a cover story that claimed Clooney was caught in a gay affair. And nearly a year ago we debunked a cover story that falsely alleged Clooney was cheating and getting divorced from Amal. The couple, of course, is still together, and currently preparing to welcome their twins. So, no, Clooney definitely doesn’t need this faux scandal right now.