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George Clooney will mark his first Father's Day as a parent himself this Sunday. A report claiming to know how he plans on celebrating the occasion was made up. Gossip Cop can expose the truth.

As Gossip Cop reported, Clooney's wife Amal gave birth to twins earlier this month. Now on Friday, with the holiday two days away, HollywoodLife is announcing, "George Clooney Planning 'Complete Bed Day' With Amal & Twins On Father's Day." In the story, the site claims it has "learned EXCLUSIVELY that the actor wants a 'relaxing' day with his infants & wife." The notion that this webloid, out of all other outlets in the world, exclusively knows the Oscar winner's Father's Day plans is laughable.

The allegations about his supposed plans are laughable, too. "The current plans are to stay at home and relax. Make it a complete bed day, and his focus will be on the babies and Amal. They will be getting the attention over him celebrating for himself," the outlet quotes a so-called "insider" as saying. There's two obvious indications that these contentions were contrived.

First off, of course it's probable Clooney is saying home with his family. When Sunday comes, the twins won't even be two weeks old. Typically, babies at that age are only taken out of the house for doctors appointments. That's even more true when the newborns are part of an extremely famous family. Celebrities usually, and understandably, want privacy at this stage. It's a pretty good guess Clooney will be having an at-home celebration.

Second, though, it's just silly to claim the actor's plans are to "relax." As many parents of newborns, especially twins, can attest, there isn't much time for relaxation. Gossip Cop isn't sure how Clooney would have a "complete bed day," considering his little ones need to be fed and changed throughout the day and night. It's also extremely dangerous to have babies in bed with parents, as they can be accidentally smothered.

It's almost like HollywoodLies and its "insider" (cough) partially came up with a plausible plan, and then threw logic out the window. And we'd be remiss not to mention that the outlet has a storied history of taking hot topics, such as Clooney becoming a father, and manufacturing "exclusives" around them, like his supposed Father's Day plans. In fact, Gossip Cop already pointed out that the online publication made up a story about Brad Pitt's own Father's Day plans.

The issue is that, as we've highlighted in numerous instances, is that HollywoodLies doesn't have access to Pitt sources. Similarly, it does not have access to Clooney's camp, either. The webloid actually proved that last September when it tried peddling an "exclusive" about how Clooney was helping Pitt through his split with Angelina Jolie. At the time that purported scoop was published, however, Clooney didn't even know about the divorce.

HollywoodLies just wants readers, as well as Google, to think it has original insight so it will be rewarded with traffic. But Gossip Cop can confirm that that site, of all places, does not have real "exclusive" information about how two of the world's most famous dads plan on spending Father's Day.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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