George Clooney Did NOT Dump Amal On Her Birthday, Despite Split Report

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George Clooney Dumped Amal

By Daniel Gates |

George Clooney Dumped Amal

(In Touch)

George Clooney did NOT dump his wife Amal after 143 days of marriage, despite an In Touch cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report claiming the couple has split. Of course, this is the same tabloid that claimed the Clooneys were getting a “$200M Divorce” last month, and has generally been clueless about the actor-director’s personal life for years.

According to the new In Touch report, George upset Amal when he spent her February 3 birthday on a movie set. A so-called “insider” tells the magazine, “Amal was hurt and angry, and they got into a fight. She couldn’t believe he dumped her so matter-of-factly on her birthday.” Dumped? He was working. He’s an actor, and he was working on a movie. Why is this so difficult for In Touch to process?

The tabloid’s sources say, “This final fight is the one that is dooming the couple less than five months into their marriage.” In Touch alleges “tension between George and Amal had been building for weeks.” The outlet claims the Clooneys “are miserable and the marriage is over.”

Except… that’s what the tabloids have been saying since the day the Clooneys wed, and it keeps NOT being true. It drives In Touch and the other magazines crazy that both George and Amal have busy careers that sometimes keep them apart, and that there’s no drama involved. Hence, the tabloids invent drama. A source with first-hand knowledge of the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively there’s “no truth” to rumors of unrest before, during or after Amal’s birthday.


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