George Clooney Playing Donald Trump In HBO Movie?

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George Clooney Donald Trump Movie

By Michael Lewittes |

George Clooney Donald Trump

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George Clooney playing Donald Trump in an HBO movie? That’s the claim being made in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated, and exclusively has what’s real and and what’s rumor.

According to Life & Style, Clooney is the “front-runner” to play Trump in an upcoming HBO TV-movie about the GOP presidential nominee’s “political rise.” One of the tabloid’s either ill-informed or possibly made-up sources says, “George is already joking that it would be a hair-raising experience, but he’s telling friends that he’s definitely up for the challenge.” The magazine’s seemingly manufactured “insider” adds that Clooney, who held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, “feels that he doesn’t have to like Trump to portray him in a movie.”

The repeatedly disproven tabloid further notes Clooney would have to undergo quite a “physical transformation” to portray Trump, who’s 15 years older than the Oscar-winning actor. But Clooney’s “prepared to wear a wig, get an awful spray tan and even put on some weight to portray The Donald accurately,” alleges the outlet’s inaccurate “insider.” Maybe it’s time for Life & Style to have a transformation of its reporting style.

First off, the tabloid should have anticipated that Gossip Cop would scrupulously fact-check its concocted story. Among the things we’ve learned, having checked in with executives at HBO, is that there are NO plans to do a Trump TV-movie. Of course without a film about the Republican presidential candidate being made, the rest of the article’s fake quotes and premise about Clooney playing him become moot. Still, a rep for Clooney tells Gossip Cop the whole tale is untrue. Additionally, a HBO spokesperson tells us, “We do not have any projects about Donald Trump.”

Life & Style has a history of publishing outright falsehoods about Clooney. In August 2014, the tabloid wrongly reported in a cover story that he and his wife were expecting. Naturally, Gossip Cop was the first to call out the magazine for that lie. We also busted the publication when it untruthfully stated on separate covers that his marriage was “over after 87 days,” and his supposed “divorce turns nasty.” None of those articles nor the latest claim about Clooney playing Trump in a movie bear any semblance to the truth.


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