George Clooney: Donald Trump Is “Hollywood Elitist” (VIDEO)

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George Clooney Donald Trump elitist

By Shari Weiss |

George Clooney Donald Trump elitist

(Rencontres de Cinema)

George Clooney calls Donald Trump a “Hollywood elitist” and “demagogue” in a new interview. Watch below.

While speaking on the French program “Rencontres de Cinema,” Clooney slammed both the president and his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, for ridiculing the press and Hollywood when they themselves are very much part of the entertainment media world. “I think we have a demagogue in the White House. We need the fourth estate, which is journalism, to hold his feet to the fire. They didn’t do a very good job during the campaign and they haven’t done a particularly good job yet, but those things will change,” said the actor of the press corps.

As an American, Clooney commented, “One thing that I’m always very proud of is we tend to do a lot of dumb things over time, but we’re also pretty good at fixing them…. Now we have Donald Trump, which is hard to imagine. It sort of catches in your throat. But we’ll fix it. We have to. We have to make fun of these situations. Humor is an important part of it.”

He went on to say, “This is the part that makes me a little crazy. When Meryl [Streep] spoke, everyone on that one side was like, ‘Well, Hollywood elitist Hollywood speaking.’ Donald Trump has 22 acting credits. He collects $120,000 a year from a Screen Actor’s Guild pension fund. He is a Hollywood elitist.”

“Steve Bannon is a failed film writer and director. That’s the truth, that’s what he’s done,” continued Clooney. “He wrote a Shakespearean rap musical about the L.A. riots that he couldn’t get made, you know, which is a shock. He made a lot of money off ‘Seinfeld.’ He’s elitist — Hollywood. That’s the reality, if you want to look at it that way.”

Clooney added, “So I look at when people say Meryl shouldn’t speak up — of course she should. She has every right to speak up. She’s an American citizen, and she was an American citizen a long time before she was an icon.” As the interview continued, Clooney also spoke about soon becoming a father for the first time, calling it an “adventure.” Check out the full video below.

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