Did George Clooney Divorce Amal?

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George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney at the 69th Cannes Film Festival

By Laura Broman |

George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney at the 69th Cannes Film Festival

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George Clooney didn’t divorce Amal Clooney last year, despite a tabloid claiming it would happen. Gossip Cop debunk the rumor when it first emerged. Today, we have updates that further disprove the premise.

On February 15, 2019, Life & Style claimed the Clooneys were headed for a messy divorce amid constant fights over “kids, money and fame.” The tabloid said – based on no real evidence – that though the two “look great together,” they were “never a great match.” Citing “sources” who were no doubt imaginary, the magazine contended that Amal frequently accused her husband of being “selfish and fame-hungry.” George, for his part, was said to believe Amal was “spoiled and stuck-up.”

The story was fairly easy to refute, as Life & Style maintained that the couple had not been spotted together since December 2018. The Clooneys had been spotted together on a date night out in Hollywood earlier that month, and more recently they attended Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party together. As usual, Life & Style was just trying to engineer drama for a couple that doesn’t have any.

The passing year has only further confirmed that the rumor is bogus. Throughout the year, they have been photographed together on the red carpet and enjoying each other’s company. In June, they were spotted living it up on a date night in Venice. In September, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a night out in New York City. People magazine, whose sources are consistently more trustworthy than those of Life & Style, reported that the pair were “happier than ever.” It’s also more obvious than ever that the divorce rumors are completely fabricated.

George and Amal are one of Hollywood’s ultimate power couples: she’s a world-renowned human rights lawyer and he’s an Academy Award-winning movie star. Because of their status, their relationship has been the subject of constant, baseless speculation from the tabloid industry. This is far and away not the first story about the pair that Gossip Cop has had to bust.

In January of 2019, the Globe claimed the pair were expecting their third child after nearly getting a divorce. In May, the National Enquirer alleged that Amal had dumped her husband on his 58th birthday. Just last month, the Globe invented marriage problems for the Clooneys once again, this time attributing it to Clooney’s supposed chronic back pain. Gossip Cop debunked all of these rumors and more. It seems the tabloids are so desperate to see the famous couple’s marriage fail that they’ll pretend it’s happening – even when it’s not.


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