George Clooney “Very Concerned” About Amal’s Safety During President Nasheed Case In Maldives (VIDEO)

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George Clooney Concerned Amal

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney Concerned Amal

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George Clooney revealed in an extended clip from the premiere of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” that he’s very concerned about wife Amal’s safety while she’s currently working in the Maldives. Amal, a renowned civil rights lawyer who specializes in international law, traveled to the South Asian country to lobby for the release of imprisoned ex-President Mohammed Nasheed.

In footage from Colbert’s first show that never aired, but was released later online, Clooney opened up about his wife’s frightening new case. “She’s in the Maldives. It sounds like a nice place, but it’s not so nice right now,” the actor said. He went on to explain President Nasheed’s wrongful imprisonment, “The government that has taken over is not our friend, and Nasheed is a pretty amazing man.”

Of Amal’s involvement in the conflict, Clooney explained, “She’s there right now trying to get him out of prison.” And in regards to his wife’s well-being, Clooney admitted, “Her co-counsel was just stabbed in the head a few days ago, so it’s a dangerous place to be right now, and I’m very concerned with her being there quite honestly.”

Watch the video below of George Clooney discussing his concerns about Amal’s safety in the Maldives, and tell us what you think.


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