Story How George Clooney “Changed” After Falling For Amal And Having Kids Is Made-Up

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George Cloooney Changed Amal Twins

By Michael Lewittes |

George Cloooney Changed Amal Twins

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HollywoodLife has now manufactured yet another fake news story about George Clooney and how “falling in love” with his wife Amal and having “kids changed his life.” For the most part, nothing claimed is untrue, but none of it is unique to Clooney nor exclusive information. Gossip Cop is told no true Clooney insiders are talking to webloids.

The premise of the site’s story, minus Clooney’s name, could be summed up as a man married his wife because he was in love, and having children changed his everyday life. Basically, it’s the tale of every guy who gets married and has kids. But HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, simply added the Oscar-winner’s name and a number of phony quotes to support its fabricated article.

The repeatedly discredited outlet begins its latest cooked-up piece by contending that meeting Amal was a “game-changer” for Clooney. But everyone knows that because the actor, who said he never wanted to get married again, changed his view and wed the human rights lawyer. He’s even publicly credited his wife for changing his thoughts on marriage.

The site then has a seemingly concocted source say in the most unnatural language, “The thought of creating a new human being, a mixture of both of them, that they could nurture and love together, suddenly became the one and only thing he wanted in life… Gotta give it to George, he doesn’t ever do things in half measures, because sure enough, they had twins.” Newsflash: A lot of guys who eventually get married decide they also want kids. And yes, the whole world knows Clooney had twins. Once again, HollywoodLies tries to wrap its old and widely known information in newly made-up quotations.

Next, the credibility-challenged blog alludes to how Brad Pitt loves “seeing George as a dad.” But as Gossip Cop noted recently reported, despite HollywoodLies’ fake news story about how Pitt’s “heart melted” when he supposedly met Clooney’s twins, Ella and Alexander, an impeccable source assures us 100 percent that the get-together with the babies never happened. Of course, the webloid never mentioned in its dubious article where or when Pitt met Clooney’s twins, because it was just another HollywoodLife lie.

Sadly, the outlet has created a cottage industry of manufacturing phony stories about celebrities, including Clooney. For instance, the untrustworthy webloid recently posted what it called an “exclusive” about how Clooney’s twins look just like him, but that too was fake news. Rande Gerber, the actor’s friend and business partner, and a far more credible source, was quoted as saying that Ella and Alexander are actually a “perfect mix of both George and Amal.”

At best, HollywoodLife repackages already known facts with fabricated quotes. Far too often, however, the site simply creates fake news.