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Does George Clooney really have brain damage as the result of his motorcycle crash? That's the premise of a new tabloid story. But while the article is alarming, Gossip Cop can confirm the actor is back at work just 10 days after the accident.

As widely reported, on July 10 Clooney was riding a motorcycle in Sardinia when an oncoming car cut him off. As a result, he and his bike crashed head-on to the front of the vehicle, sending Clooney flying into the air and on to the cement road. Miraculously, he suffered no broken bones, and was released from the hospital just hours later.

Now the National Enquirer claims that in the wake of escaping "death," Clooney is "feared to have brain damage." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "They're saying there are no real injuries, but that's hardly true." This untraceable source goes on to contend Clooney is "exhibiting the classic signs of a concussion. He's dizzy and disoriented." The gossip magazine further asserts that an "expert concluded George suffered a concussion that could alter his life," and "even end his career."

The outlet consulted a doctor at UCLA, who warns of "amnesia, sleep issues and emotional problems." But this medical professional has never met Clooney, let alone examined him or his hospital test results, and is just making guesses based on the possible side effects of head injuries. This is speculation, not a factual conclusion about Clooney specifically. Still, the publication maintains the Oscar winner's "claims of feeling fine are rubbish."

Actually, there are photos and video showing he is on the mend. On Friday, Clooney was photographed back at work on the set of Catch-22 in Italy. As TMZ reported, during Clooney's return to work, he was "moving quickly on set... so quickly, it didn't even seem like there was a limp in his step from the accident. He was also lifting props without a problem." That is evident in a nearly 60-second video, in which the star is seen walking briskly with ease.

Clearly, Clooney is not currently suffering from any brain damage so severe that he is unable to fulfill his professional obligations. People also reported just two days ago that following Clooney's terrifying accident, he's "a little banged up by fine," and "managed to escape without serious injury." And "Entertainment Tonight" notes that while Clooney has been "taking it easy," he "feels lucky because he didn't suffer any permanent injuries and no broken bones."

It seems the Enquirer has opted to go the sensational route, which isn't surprising given its history. In 2015, the tabloid peddled a bogus cover story about Clooney being "caught" in a gay affair. In 2016, the magazine falsely accused him of cheating on his wife, Amal, and being on the brink of divorce. And in 2017, the outlet fabricated a story about Clooney being under FBI investigation for money laundering. It's not the actor who has a problem with telling the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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