George, Amal Clooney Did NOT Hire “Baby Bouncers,” Despite Fake News

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George Amal Clooney Baby Bouncers

By Andrew Shuster |

George Amal Clooney Baby Bouncers

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George Clooney and Amal Clooney did not hire “baby bouncers” to protect their newborn twins, despite a fake news report. Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and we can exclusively reveal the truth.

As Gossip Cop reported, Amal gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander last week, and now the Daily Star is claiming she and her husband have taken extreme and expensive measures to keep the babies safe. The British newspaper alleges the couple is paying a pair of bodyguards more than $300,000 a year to guard the twins, quoting a so-called “source” as saying, “Fatherhood was a long time coming for George so he’s not risking his brood coming to any harm.” The security guards will supposedly take turns protecting the nursery, according to the outlet.

The tabloid’s dubious insider goes on to claim the couple has also equipped their home with a more than $100,000 security system consisting of motion sensors and lasers. The “source” further alleges that an additional two-man team will monitor the Clooneys’ property, while a security driver is on call at all times. Gossip Cop, however, looked into this elaborate story, and it’s simply inaccurate. A rep for Clooney tells us the details of the article are pure “fiction.” The actor and his wife will undoubtedly take great measures to ensure the safety of their twins, as most parents would, but the newspaper’s tale about a team of “baby bouncers” just isn’t true.

It should be noted, RadarOnline regurgitated this phony report without bothering to do any fact-checking. Of course, the repeatedly discredited webloid seemingly isn’t always concerned with the truth. Earlier this year, we called out the outlet for falsely claiming George and Amal were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Unfortunately, the site has spread more lies by parroting the Daily Star, but Gossip Cop is happy to clear up the situation.

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