Truth About George Clooney And Amal Having Another Set Of Twins

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By Hugh Scott |


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Shortly after George Clooney and Amal Clooney welcomed twins Alexander and Ella in June 2017, the tabloids started publishing false stories about the couple having another set of twins. Gossip Cop has debunked several variations of the subject. Here are a few examples of wrong reports we’ve busted.

In December 2017, just six months after the couple’s babies were born, OK! claimed George and Amal were expecting twins again. The tabloid quoted a “source” as saying the human rights lawyer was doing everything she could to get pregnant again, from seeing fertility doctors to “trying herbs, vitamins and acupuncture.” She wasn’t doing any of that. Just two months before the report was published, Amal said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that she wouldn’t be having any more children. “I’m 39. I already had them quite late,” she noted.

Six months later, right around the twins’ first birthday, Heat falsely claimed George told Amal that he wanted twins again. The story was based on the word of an unnamed “insider.” However, George himself had said in an interview with Extra that he was unequivocally “done at two.” For what it’s worth, that interview was on video. We’ll take the actor’s own word for it.

In December 2018, OK! published another story declaring that the Clooneys were having another set of twins almost exactly one year after the tabloid first pushed the narrative. An “insider” was quoted as saying, “Friends are whispering that Amal is expecting again.” The outlet further contended that the attorney was “sporting what appeared to be a tiny baby bump” at a United Nations gala. However, Gossip Cop provided photos from the gala, as well as images from a separate ceremony five days later, and there was no bump to be found.

This past March, Woman’s Day ran a bogus story claiming that Amal was expecting twins again. This time the story was based on a supposed “baby bump” displayed by Amal at a charity gala in Scotland. The outlet cited yet another “insider” as telling them that “George was subtly telling the world that he’s about to have four kids on his hands.” It was more of the same nonsense.

Just last month, Star wrongly reported that George and Amal were trying to save their marriage by having twins again. The tabloid claimed that Amal was “around three months pregnant” and that George would be taking a two-year break from Hollywood to spend quality time with the new babies. But one week before the story was printed, it was announced that Clooney would be directing and starring in the Netflix movie Good Morning, Midnight. The actor’s marriage isn’t in need of saving either.

Finally, just one week ago, Life & Style falsely claimed George and Amal had overcome their marriage problems by having twins, again. The outlet splashed a headline saying it had the “first bump pictures.” One of the more ridiculous claims in the story was that George had asked Brad Pitt “to be his manny.” George’s spokesperson went on the record and denied that the couple was expecting twins. The actor’s rep further stressed that there are no marriage problems between the spouses. That came as no surprise since we’ve been correcting variations of this storyline for quite some time.


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