George Clooney and Amal did not have another set of twins, despite a report from exactly one year ago today that claimed the spouses were expecting again. Gossip Cop noted it wasn't true 12 months ago, and of course it remains inaccurate.

On December 6, 2017, OK! maintained Amal had been going to a fertility speciality and taking all sorts of supplements to get pregnant again just six months after the birth of her son and daughter, Alexander and Ella. The outlet further asserted that the couple was excited they were having twins again. To make its tale seem believable, the tabloid trotted out an unnamed and untraceable "source," who supposedly made a number of corny remarks and falsely attributed them to George, including the actor allegedly saying that with two pairs of twins, they practically had their "own basketball team."

The magazine further contended George would step back from show business to raise his four kids. At the time the article came out about Amal and George having twins again, the actor's rep told Gossip Cop on his behalf that the story was simply "not true." And time has once again proven us right and exposed the tabloid for publishing a phony claim.

It's worth noting how both George and Amal have said in separate interviews that they're done having kids. Also, albeit a more minor point, the actor hasn't stopped working. In the 365 days since that falsehood was printed, George directed and co-starred in the upcoming Hulu series "Catch-22," which premieres in 2019.

In the intervening year, it appears the outlet hasn't gotten much better with its reporting about the Clooneys. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it wrongly claimed Amal and George were about to split. We also exposed the magazine for falsely asserting this past July that George and Amal's marriage was in crisis after fighting over having more kids.

The reality is the spouses aren't having more children, nor are they on the verge on a breakup. In fact, far from dealing with marital issues, Amal and George looked happy at a U.N. gala in New York on Wednesday night.

As we've stated before, Gossip Cop sometimes looks back at a report from the previous year to help our readers suss out which outlets are and aren't credible. It bears mentioning that while the tabloid's article was predicated on an unidentified source, who could make whatever claims he or she wanted without any accountability, Clooney's rep went on the record to confirm the story was "not true."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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