George Clooney And Amal Having Twin Girls?

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George and Amal Clooney twin girls Star cover story

By Andrew Shuster |

George and Amal Clooney twin girls Star cover story


George Clooney and Amal Clooney are not having twin girls, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop has lost count of all the twins the couple has conceived in the fantasy world of the tabloids. This latest take on the subject is more fiction.

According to Star, the parents of two-year-old twins underwent IVF in the hopes of having more children, and it was a success. An alleged insider claims Amal is about four months along with two girls, and the couple will tell their kids about their new siblings on Christmas. “They’ll explain it in language little ones can understand, saying, ‘Mommy has two babies growing in her tummy,'” says the supposed source. “They’ll let [their two kids] help with the nursery and read them books to help them get ready for the new babies.” Throwing in a random curveball, the tipster says they’ve already broke the news to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

From there, the anonymous source says the “pregnancy comes at the perfect time” as the spouses had supposedly “hit a rough patch.” The unknown insider adds, “They’ve had their rocky times but seem to be on solid ground again. George isn’t partying as much as he was, which Amal appreciates. They’ve been squeezing in some well-deserved date nights. George has become the doting, loving husband Amal married five years ago.”

The tabloids seem to be running low on ideas. Gossip Cop busted Star in July for wrongly reporting that George and Amal were having twins again. At that time, however, the human rights lawyer was three months along with a boy and a girl. That phony scenario goes ignored in this latest article.

In August, Gossip Cop called out Star’s sister publication, Life & Style, for falsely claiming the Clooneys were having twins again after overcoming marriage problems. No genders were revealed in that story, but Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama were supposedly planning the baby shower. Another sister outlet, OK!, said in December 2018 that George and Amal were having two more babies. That same magazine also reported in December 2017 that the Clooneys would be welcoming another set of twins. Those are just a few examples of all the twins Amal has been carrying since the birth of her actual children.

It should be noted, George and Amal have both stated in interviews that they’re done having kids. The human rights lawyer made that clear in a 2017 interview with the Hollywood Reporter, saying, “I’m 39… I already had them quite late.” One month later, the actor told Extra in no uncertain terms that he was “done” at two.

Still, Gossip Cop ran Star’s cover story by George’s spokesperson, who confirms it’s more fiction. The actor’s rep notes, “During the past 16 months, the tabloids have been reporting Amal is pregnant with twins.” Unfortunately, we suspect this won’t be the last set of twins the tabloids will conceive.


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