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Are George Clooney and his wife Amal "headed for a split"? That is what's being reported in one of this week's celebrity magazines. Not only is this a reheated claim and still untrue, but many of the article's quotations have also been recycled from previously debunked stories.

According to OK!, which has wrongly gone down this path before, after "months of nasty arguments," supposed "friends" of the Clooneys allege their marriage is "irrevocably broken." To make its error-filled story seem plausible, the tabloid insists it has an "insider," who shares "things are shaky at best" between the spouses.

The unnamed and unaccountable source asserts, "Amal and George are both very frustrated and can't agree on anything." "It won't be long until their marriage crashes and burns," says the unidentified tipster. The purported "insider" further claims, "They had one of their worst fights shortly after purchasing a getaway home on the Italian island of Sardinia."

So, what was their big fight about? The magazine says the movie star is "reverting" to his old ways of "partying and taking road trips with the guys." The outlet, however, doesn't offer one example of when or where he allegedly went on a road trip with his buddies or how exactly he's been "partying." Still, the publication swears up and down that he's practically abandoned his wife and twins, Ella and Alexander, which recently resulted in Amal having "fled their shared home in England and moved into their new Sardinian estate with the kids."

The rest of the article speculates how their divorce could get "very ugly, very quickly," with the questionable "insider" predicting how George could "end up having to cough up a large sum of money for spousal and child support payments." The anonymous source adds, "What it boils down to is, George is a Hollywood bachelor heart, and she's a straight-laced lawyer who's left with the brunt of the work at home." "The differences seem to have finally gotten the best of them... How long this farce can go on is anyone's guess," concludes the unverified tipster.

The tabloid's tale, however, is nothing more than a number of already debunked falsehoods strung together. For starters, the Clooneys never bought a home in Sardinia. That phony premise was cooked up by OK!'s sister publication, the National Enquirer, which incorrectly asserted in January that Amal left her and George's UK home with the twins and was going to divorce him. At the time of that report, the actor's rep, speaking on his behalf, told Gossip Cop the "story is completely made-up."

So, not only is that large section of the article provably untrue, but it also shows the supposed "insider" either doesn't know what he or she is talking about or was fabricated by the magazine. And the so-called source's other claims were similarly busted by Gossip Cop several times in the past. For instance, the same tabloid untruthfully alleged in February 2018 that George and Amal were headed for a split.

A few months later, the outlet tried again to contend George and Amal Clooney's marriage was in crisis. In that report, the publication's "source" was quoted as saying the problem was the Oscar-winner's "partying... and road trips with the guys," much like in the latest tale. That same piece from last year had its tipster also maintain the main issue in their marriage was how he was "a Hollywood bachelor at heart and she's a straitlaced lawyer who's left with the brunt of the work at home," which is word-for-word what the "insider" stated this time. The story is simply a rehashing old lies, with the same seemingly manufactured quotes from previously disproven articles.

The reality is, contrary to the magazine's narrative about the couple being on the verge of a split, while receiving an award in Scotland last week, the Clooneys arrived hand-in-hand and looking very much in love. And days before that, George and Amal were happy together and laughing with Prince Charles at a charity event in Buckingham Palace. Basically, the outlet, which absurdly insisted in 2017 that George and Amal Clooney were having another set of twins, is not exactly reliable when it comes to stories about the couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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