George Clooney And Amal’s Friends Worried About Their Marriage?

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Amal Clooney standing to the right of George Clooney at a red carpet event

By Hugh Scott |

Amal Clooney standing to the right of George Clooney at a red carpet event

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George and Amal Clooney’s friends aren’t worried about their marriage, despite a false tabloid report. The story is flat-out wrong. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

An article in the latest issue of OK! alleges that because the Clooneys are currently on separate continents for work, it’s putting a strain on their marriage. This has all apparently happened in the span of just over a month. After spending time together in New York City for their fifth wedding anniversary, and attending a charity gala honoring Amal for her work as a human rights lawyer, George took off for London to shoot the Netflix movie Good Morning, Midnight. Amal has stayed behind in the Big Apple because she’s currently teaching a course at Columbia University.

A supposed “insider” tells the outlet, “George and Amal have barely seen each other since the gala. It’s almost like they’re living separate lives. The distance has led to a lot of tension between them.” The questionable source incredulously implies that the tension is not only due to distance, but because, as the “insider” puts it, “George promised he’d stay close and help out with household stuff when she first took the job at Columbia.” However, Amal certainly understands that George’s work requires him to be away shooting movies for long stretches, none of this is a surprise to her. Variety reported in June that production on the film would begin in October, so this has been in the works for months.

The anonymous tipster goes even further by adding that the spouses have “difficulty communicating over the phone because of the [five hour] time difference. George can usually only talk very early in the morning before heading to work. But Amal’s so busy with the kids and prepping for her course that’s she’s way too tired to stay and talk.” In a world with cell phones and text messaging, this is an absurd claim, yet the tabloid presents the distance as though we’re all living in a world of steamships and telegraphs.

The whole narrative is ridiculous, repetitive, and tired. This ins’t the first time the couple has been separated for extended amounts of time due to both of their busy careers. It’s something they’ve dealt with since they first started dating. Meanwhile, the tabloid’s report is based on claims from an unknown source, but a rep for the couple denies there’s any trouble in their marriage. It’s simply not true that distance is putting a strain on the couple.

This also isn’t the first time OK! has pushed this bogus narrative. In February 2018, while George was filming the Amazon series Catch-22, the tabloid ran a similar tall tale, claiming the Clooneys were headed for a split because of a “huge fight” leading up to the two of them celebrating Amal’s birthday. Part of the reason, the outlet alleged, was work pressure and distance. Gossip Cop called out the publication for its faulty reporting, as the story wasn’t true then and it’s not any more accurate now.

This past May, the unreliable outlet insisted Amal was threatening to divorce George for being too “childish.” They’ve remained happily together in the months since Gossip Cop debunked that phony article. The tabloid simply has zero insight into the couple’s marriage.


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