George Clooney And Amal Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary After Year Of Wrong Rumors (PHOTOS)

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George Clooney Wedding Anniversary

By Michael Lewittes |

George Clooney Wedding Anniversary

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George Clooney and his wife Amal are celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Sunday, and so Gossip Cop decided to look back at a few of the outrageous rumors about the newlyweds that we exclusively corrected during Year One of their marriage. See some false cover stories below.

It didn’t take long for the tabloids to start manufacturing everything from false breakups to knockups. Star was among the early entrants, claiming in a cover story titled “Baby Joy!” that George and Amal “conceived a baby during their romantic honeymoon in the Seychelles.” Naturally, Gossip Cop was the first to bust that false report, with Clooney’s rep telling us at the time, “She is not pregnant.”

That bogus report was quickly followed by an equally inaccurate Life & Style cover that alleged “George And Amal’s Nightmare” marriage was “Over After 87 Days!” Once again, Gossip Cop was first to correct the story that further declared, “There’s no way the marriage is going to last.”

After that entirely false report, in quick succession, was an In Touch cover that announced the couple’s “$200M Divorce,” an OK! page one story that supposedly exposed George and Amal’s “Sham Marriage!” and another In Touch cover that alleged “George Dumps Amal On Her Birthday!”

Having survived the first half-year of marriage, In Touch returned with a story that exclaimed, “Divorce Papers After 6 Months!” Meanwhile, OK!, which had previously said the Clooneys’ marriage was a “sham,” came back a few months later to announce with a cover photo of the actor, “I’m Finally Going To Be A Dad!”

And five months after it claimed Amal and George’s marriage was “Over After 87 Days,” Life & Style emerged from its hole to state in another erroneous story that the “Divorce Turns Nasty,” and George has “no desire to stay in a marriage that simply isn’t working.”

Star, which previously congratulated the newlyweds on their “Baby Joy!” then decided Amal was a “Gold Digger!” on a later cover. There were, as well, numerous other stories that the Clooneys were sleeping in “separate bedrooms,” divorcing over their London home’s renovations, and even a claim that George was “blaming” his wife for ruining a future political career.

But despite all the covers, generally punctuated with exclamation points, none of the stories were true, as Gossip Cop often was the first outlet to report. Instead, George and Amal happily went along with their lives and businesses, continuing to praise one another both privately and publicly, and most importantly, loving each other.

Gossip Cop has two wishes on Amal and George’s first wedding anniversary: One, the tabloids stop publishing provably wrong stories about the newlyweds, and two, the Clooneys enjoy many more years of health, happiness and rumor-free years together!



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