George Clooney And Amal NOT Divorcing Over London Home Renovations, Despite Report

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George Clooney divorce

By Michael Lewittes |

George Clooney divorce

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George Clooney and his wife Amal will not be getting a divorce if they don’t move into their London home this summer, despite a new absurd report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this nonsense, which appears in one of this week’s tabloids. A well-connected source tells us the story is “not true at all.”

According to a so-called “source” for In Touch, Amal has given George an “ultimatum they have to move into their London home — or else.” The house is currently being renovated, writes the tabloid, whose source notes that Amal wants George to “make the contractor finish the renovation ASAP.” Besides Gossip Cop learning that the couple’s marriage in no way hinges on them moving into the home this summer, perhaps the most unrealistic part of the story is believing that George or anyone else can get a contractor to complete a project when you want them to.

All kidding aside, In Touch has been dead wrong with its George and Amal Clooney “divorce” stories for more than six months. In January, Gossip Cop exclusively busted the tabloid for inaccurately reporting the couple was in the midst of a $200M Divorce.” We exclusively corrected the magazine again one month later when the tabloid claimed George “dumped” Amal on her birthday. And Gossip Cop exposed the magazine for its similarly untrue cover story in April that alleged the newlyweds “filed divorce papers after 6 months” of marriage.

None of those stories were true, and neither is the latest tale about renovations of their London home being the impetus for an impending divorce. A skeptic might argue that In Touch makes up “divorce” stories about the Clooneys to sell magazines. Regardless, Gossip Cop, fact-checked and we’re exclusively told the tabloid’s newest story is “not true at all.”


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