George Clooney, Amal NOT Getting “$1 Billion Divorce,” Despite Report

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George Clooney Divorce Announcement

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George Clooney Divorce Announcement


George Clooney and his wife Amal are not getting a “$1 billion divorce,” despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the untrue report. The couple is very much still together and committed to their marriage.

But on the cover of its new issue, Star teases it has the “official papers” for the Clooneys’ divorce. This is a lie. In fact, no divorce papers appear inside the magazine. The front of the issue also features a paparazzi photo of Amal carrying one of their children, with a teaser declaring, “Amal walks out with twins.” There is even an arrow pointing to the picture. This, however, is also deceptive. The snapshot was taken when Amal and George jointly boarded a private jet in Italy earlier this month.

And the article itself contains no “divorce announcement.” Rather, it’s alleged Amal is “imploring” George to “take his responsibilities as a family man more seriously” in the wake of his motorcycle accident, and has “threatened to leave him in the dust if he doesn’t.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Amal is fed up and they’ve been fighting constantly.”

The outlet wrongly maintains “the accident has threatened to upend George’s treasured family life,” and he’s “still laid up” from the crash, even though George was photographed back at work and filmed walking with ease on the set of Catch-22 last week. An untraceable “source” contends Amal “blew up at him after the accident but he kind of smiled and shrugged it off.” Though the publication acknowledges the human rights lawyer later departed Sardinia with her husband, it’s claimed “she’s since left [him] — and has taken the twins with her.”

The tabloid provides no evidence to back that allegation up, or any proof for its other assertions. Another anonymous “insider” supposedly tells the magazine, “Amal is pretty clear about what she expects from George as a father and a husband. [She’s] privately consulted a lawyer. And she’s prepared to leave him for good to make her point.” Notably, it’s never actually said just how exactly George is falling short as a “father and a husband,” besides allegedly riding his motorbike against her wishes.

The outlet fails to acknowledge that Amal herself has ridden George’s motorcycle with him many times, including just a month before his accident. It makes little sense to claim she is holding his riding hobby against him when she has frequently participated in his scooter trips. Furthermore, the Oscar winner wasn’t out for a dangerous joy ride when this incident happened. As widely reported, George was traveling to work when the crash occurred, and there is no evidence he was at fault.

Additionally, as opposed to Amal “threatening to walk,” People recently reported that she “wouldn’t leave George’s side” in the aftermath of the accident, and stressed that he has “her ever-present support.” In an “Entertainment Tonight” story last week about how George is “taking it easy,” it was specifically noted that he is “the love of her life,” and she intends to be with him “for the long haul.” And, contrary to the contention that Amal has abandoned him, it was again reported that she has “barely left his side.”

Conclusion: The tabloid tries to dupe readers into thinking the Clooneys have made a “divorce announcement,” but its story acknowledges the couple hasn’t broken up. The magazine further misleads consumers by touting “divorce papers” on its cover when none appear inside the issue. And the outlet cropped a photo of Amal to wrongly make it seem like she “walked out” on the actor when George was actually with her when the picture was taken. The publication also falsely claims the star is “still laid up” when he’s been back at work for days.

As for the contentions about marital woes as a result of George’s accident, those are disproven by credible reporting that was published last week. Star, meanwhile, has a history of spreading misinformation about the acting icon, including a bogus tale earlier this month about a purported “marriage crisis” for the Clooneys, as well as a provably untrue story about George quitting Hollywood. The tabloid is also known for falsely announcing divorces for celebrity couples on its covers. See the photo gallery below.


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George Clooney and wife Amal are getting a $1 billion divorce.


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