What Happened To George And Amal Clooney’s Divorce, Custody Battle Over Twins?

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Amal Clooney in a green dress standing near George Clooney in a black suit on the red carpet

By Brianna Morton |

Amal Clooney in a green dress standing near George Clooney in a black suit on the red carpet

(Getty Images)

A celebrity gossip site reported a year ago that George Clooney and wife Amal were about to divorce and preparing to fight over custody of their twins, Ella and Alexander. Gossip Cop investigated those rumors at the time and found them to be false. Now, one year later, George and Amal are still together, proving that we were correct in our initial judgement.

RadarOnline made the off-base claim last year that George and Amal were headed for divorce and about to start a “nasty” custody battle over their twins. The outlet claimed the reason their marriage was “hanging by a thread” was because George hadn’t been photographed with his twins since August 2018.

Obviously, just because the site claimed there weren’t photos of him spending time with his children doesn’t mean he hadn’t spent any time with them. Besides, George and Amal are famously protective of their children’s privacy, which George made very clear in 2017 when he lashed out at the paparazzi that took photos of the twins without permission.

The only other bit of evidence the gossip site had to back up its claims that George and Amal’s marriage was on the rocks came from an unnamed source. The so-called “insider” told the outlet that the famous couple were constantly arguing and like “oil and water.”

Gossip Cop had an easy time disproving this rumor last year. Though the often discredited site claimed George and Amal hadn’t been photographed together in months, there had been several photos of them taken during that time. These photos even included Amal and George leaving a United Nations event hand in hand. Similarly, the claim that the two got on like “oil and water” was disproved by the couple’s public gushing over one another. For instance, when Amal honored George with a heartfelt speech when he won the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a false rumor a year ago, and the fact that the happy couple is still together is proof that we were correct.

RadarOnline has serious issues when it comes to getting the story right about George and Amal. The outlet published an article claiming that George and Amal were putting on a “happy face” amid their marriage struggles. The site used their own past stories as evidence of their claim. Honestly, that’s a terrible choice considering how often the site is wrong. Gossip Cop reached out to our sources connected to the couple, who informed us Amal and George were really happy together.

A year before that, the site claimed George was “living in fear” after a bomb scare. The site claimed that the same domestic terrorist that sent mail bombs to public figures like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Robert De Niro had planted bombs near George and Amal’s Italian villa. In reality, Gossip Cop found that the bombs the site referred to were actually undetonated bombs that dated back to World War II that had been removed from the grounds in 2010. Selling the news is a lot easier if it’s made-up, and that seems to be the site’s main strategy.


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