George Clooney, Amal Clooney On ‘Brink Of Divorce’?

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George Clooney Amal Clooney

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George Clooney Amal Clooney

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Are George Clooney and Amal Clooney on the “brink of divorce”? That’s the premise of a new magazine story. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this false split report.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, there’s “trouble in paradise” for the Clooneys, whose marriage the tabloid insists is “on the rocks.” The magazine claims there’s been talk of marital problems ever since they were “spotted looking strained as they left a New York hotel” with their twins, Ella and Alexander. Glaringly, the publication doesn’t mention when that supposedly was.

Basically, the tabloid bought paparazzi photos of George looking a bit frustrated, for whatever reason, and from that it decided to manufacture an entire article about how he and his wife are on the “brink of divorce.” But the magazine has no proof whatsoever to back up its concocted narrative. And since it has nothing concrete or any sources to support its fabricated story, the outlet simply throws out a number of unrelated incidents as possible reasons for why they’re purportedly “on the rocks.”

The publication first rehashes how George was in a motorcycle accident in Sardinia nearly a year ago, before asserting Amal wants him to spend less time on his bike and instead focus more on “being around the kids.” The poorly written tabloid then contradicts itself just a few sentences later, quoting what is questionably maintains is an “insider” as saying, “George loves being a dad more than anything,” but his wife has “made it clear from the start that she wasn’t going to give up her work to become a full-time mum, and that means George is left holding the kids a lot of the time.” Rather than explaining how it first says Amal wants her movie star husband “being around the kids” more, before adding, “George is left holding the kids a lot of the time,” the outlet just jumps to its next subject.

The same either muddled or made-up source next notes that with their demanding careers, “It’s not unusual for them to spend long stretches of time apart but that’s going to take a toll on any couple.” However, the same seemingly bogus “insider” also contends George is “supportive of everything Amal’s doing” professionally.

Pretty much confirming, as Gossip Cop suspected, that the basis of its all-over-the-place article were the images it bought, the tabloid wraps up its, at times, conflicting tale by noting the “latest photos” have led sources to “believe divorce could be [in] the cards.” The tipster concludes, “George clearly adores Amal and their little family,” but alleges right at the end that “there has been talk for a long time now they’re drifting apart.” To briefly recap, the magazine says the Clooneys are on “the brink of divorce,” even though George spends “a lot of the time” with his twins, who he “adores” along with his wife, and he’s super “supportive of everything Amal’s doing.”

In addition to making no sense at all, the publication’s article is completely untrue. It bears mentioning that some of the photos the magazine used to illustrate how they supposedly were “looking strained as they left a New York hotel” were actually pictures taken two weeks ago in Los Angeles right after they got off an early morning flight. Other pictures from that set, which Gossip Cop has looked at, also show George smiling. Suffice to say, the outlet cherrypicked a few images to wrongly give the impression the Clooneys’ marriage is in trouble.

While there’s no need to debunk the claims about the couple fighting over their kids and the degree to which they support each others’ careers, because the tabloid accidentally did that for us, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the couple, who assures us the report is total nonsense. Of course, Woman’s Day has a track record for publishing lies about the Clooneys. For instance, a little more than a year ago, the outlet untruthfully alleged George rented a private island for Amal Clooney’s 40th birthday party. His rep told us back then it “never happened.”

What also never happened was George Clooney never begged Amal to have more babies. The two have been open since their twins’ birth that they’re done having kids. And, as Gossip Cop rightly noted, George never renewed his vows to Amal Clooney, despite the often discredited publication saying he dropped down to a knee and asked his wife to marry him again while they attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding last year. Much like those stories and more, the latest tale about the Clooneys being on the “brink of divorce” is nothing more than a work of fiction.


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