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George Clooney is not "trapped in a bad marriage" with wife Amal, despite a new tabloid cover story. These untrue claims come from the same magazine that falsely alleged she was pregnant three months ago. Gossip Cop can bust the latest allegations, just as we rightly did the pregnancy one.

According to Life & Style, the Clooneys are in the midst of a "marriage crisis," where they are "trapped in a cycle of bitter fights, cold silences and humiliation." A so-called "friend" is quoted as saying, "They appear to have one of the best relationships going, but it just hasn't been true lately... They've been at odds with each other like never before." It's unclear why any real "friend" of the couple would tell this to a gossip outlet.

But the purported pal claims, "George has often felt that he's trapped in a bad marriage." It's specifically alleged "their troubles exploded with a blowout argument — their worst fight ever — and George ended up walking out on Amal" in late August. What supposedly sparked the dispute? The "friend" contends to the publication that Amal surprised the actor by confronting him with "a litany of stresses she thinks he's creating in the marriage."

Amal is described as "cold, controlling and demanding," and it's claimed "she'll think nothing of calling him out in front of friends," thereby "humiliating" George and making him feel like a "scolded teenager." It's further asserted by the tabloid's untraceable source that the human rights lawyer has "new rules" for her husband, including a curfew, and it's alleged they've been "clashing" over how quickly George returned to work following his July motorcycle accident. The magazine also repeats claims from earlier this year about the couple supposedly having a "massive disagreement" before the Met Gala.

Buried at the end of the article, however, the "friend" admits that after George allegedly "walked out" on his wife, he came back that same night. "Everyone is hoping they survive this rough patch, make it to their anniversary and find a way to thrive and be happy once again," concludes the outlet's questionable insider. That's a convenient cover for when the Clooneys' anniversary comes and goes later this month without incident: The publication can just maintain they worked it out.

A similar narrative was peddled in June, when Life & Style announced a "divorce bombshell" on its cover, only to say at the end of its article that they "both believe their marriage is worth saving" and wouldn't split. Now the tabloid has brought back the claims of marital problems, but curiously has left out the contention about Amal being pregnant with their third baby. Perhaps the magazine thought it could get away with some of its lies again, but not all of them.

Yet as we pointed out in that debunking, the "bad" picture of the marriage painted by the outlet stands in stark contrast to reality. George openly cried when Amal sang his praises in a speech honoring him at an AFI gala in June. That doesn't exactly suggest either is unhappy in the relationship. George and Amal also stepped out for date nights in July and August, but the publication suggests those are meaningless, as if readers shouldn't believe their own eyes.

But what really shouldn't be believed is a tabloid that also falsely claimed Amal was "pregnant again" almost exactly a year ago, and wrongly alleged her marriage to George was "over" after "87 days" back in 2014. Through the years, the magazine has proven it has no credibility by manufacturing stories that bear no resemblance to the truth. This latest instance is no different. It should also be noted that the cover line might've been inspired by the outlet's sister publication, Star, which last year untruthfully claimed Carrie Underwood was "trapped in a bad marriage."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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