George Clooney, Amal Adopting Baby Girl?

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George Clooney Amal Adopting Baby Girl

By Andrew Shuster |

George Clooney Amal Adopting Baby Girl

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Are George Clooney and Amal Clooney adopting a baby girl? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight.

An article in the latest issue of Heat says the actor and the human rights lawyer, who are parents to a twin boy and girl, have set their sights on having a third child. According to the magazine, the spouses are going down the adoption path for the third one. A supposed source is quoted as saying, “It’s something they’ve been talking about for a long time – since before they got married – and now they have decided to go for it, and they couldn’t be happier.”

The outlet’s alleged source continues, “Amal has always wanted three children and she has set her heart on having another daughter.” The questionable tipster adds, “Amal had kids relatively late in life, which is why they’ve decided to adopt. She and George have also both done a lot of humanitarian work and it means a lot to them to give a good home to a child in need.”

The tabloid provides virtually zero details about the couple’s supposed adoption plans. The publication doesn’t seem to know which country the spouses are considering or how far along they are in the process. It’s always a red flag when a story lacks any specific details.

Regardless, George himself told “Extra” in 2017 that he’s not having more kids. When asked in an interview if he’s “done at two,” the actor definitively asserted, “Done!” That same year, Amal confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that she’s not having more children. It’s also worth noting, Amal said in her Vogue cover story last year that “balancing motherhood and a career is a work in progress.” The busy spouses already have their hands full with two babies.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time that Heat has made up a story about the actor and the attorney expanding their family. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for wrongly reporting that George told Amal he wants to have another set of twins. Less than a year later, the magazine says the spouses want just one more baby via adoption.

The Clooneys themselves have insisted several times that they’re happy with two children, so it’s clear the tabloid has no insight into the couple’s personal life. This latest story about the spouses adopting a baby girl simply isn’t accurate.


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