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Are George and Amal Clooney headed for a ludicrously expensive divorce? Or is all the time spent in quarantine a boon for their relationship? These conflicting rumors are both being pushed by different tabloids this week - but they're both owned by the same company. Gossip Cop finds no truth to the contradictory articles.

We'll start with the Globe: the notoriously unreliable tabloid is claiming that the Clooneys so used to spending time apart due to their respective careers, are finding it so hard to be in such close quarters with each other that they're headed straight for a staggering $500 million divorce. "George is not taking well to being bossed around," a supposed insider tells the publication, "and Amal's finding it suffocating and tedious having to clean up after him."

On the other hand, Star is currently pushing the opposite narrative. Another unnamed "source" has told this tabloid that the actor and human rights lawyer are "having a blast" in quarantine together. "It's really put the romance back in their relationship," the supposed source says. "For George, it's been wonderful waking up with Amal and seeing the kids first thing every morning."

Star and the Globe are making conflicting claims about the state of the Clooneys' relationship, and each within the same week. They're also both owned by American Media, Inc., or AMI, one of the largest tabloid publishers in the world. You might be familiar with some of AMI's other properties: Life & Style, OK!, and the controversy-laden National Enquirer. Why would the same publishing company allow two very similar stories with completely contradictory information to be printed under its watch? It's almost - and this might sound crazy, but bear with us - like it doesn't care if its "news" outlets print the truth.

Either George and Amal Clooney are heading towards painful divorce proceedings or the time together is helping repair their relationship. It simply can't be both- and, in all likelihood, it's neither. Even the less extreme story that quarantine has helped the spouses' relationship rings false because it suggests they had previously been living apart. That's not true: in February, George's rep told Gossip Cop that the couple had been living together in London while he filmed his upcoming movie The Midnight Sky, which he started shooting in October. Gossip Cop has debunked countless stories from AMI's so-called "news" outlets about all the marital problems the Clooneys have supposedly experienced.

A few weeks ago, for instance, Life & Style published a story claiming that George and Amal Clooney were drifting apart due to a disagreement over where to live. George, the tabloid said, wanted to live in Los Angeles, while Amal favored London. In fact, as George's spokesperson had confirmed for Gossip Cop previously, the couple lives together, both in London and LA. Another popular theory often pushed by American tabloids is that the Clooneys are having more kids to "save" their failing marriage, a narrative Gossip Cop has frequently had to debunk. It's clear that AMI and the tabloid publications it owns are not interested in reporting the facts, and don't even care about being caught in a fib. These practices are invasive, insulting, and beyond ridiculous.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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