Gavin Grimm “The View” Video: Watch Transgender Student’s Interview

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Gavin Grimm The View

By Shari Weiss |

Gavin Grimm The View


Gavin Grimm, who is at the center of a Supreme Court case, appeared on “The View” on Thursday to discussDonald Trump ending protections for transgender students. Check out the video below.

Grimm and the ACLU sued his Virginia high school after he was prohibited from using the boys’ bathroom, despite identifying as male. He argued, as the Obama administration did, that gender identity should be protected under Title IX, which forbids discrimination based on sex. The case has bounced around the lower courts, but is now on the Supreme Court’s docket.

On Wednesday, Trump’s administration said it would end the Obama-era policy that instructed schools to allow students to use the bathrooms and locker room that correspond with their preferred gender. A number of celebrities not only slammed the decision, but also tweeted “#StandWithGavin” to show support for transgender students like him. Now on “The View,” Grimm discussed the situation in person with the co-hosts and on the phone with Laverne Cox, who voiced support for the teen at the Grammys earlier this month.

“I was just blown away,” Grimm said of the transgender actress’ TV shout-out. “We were in tears. We were so touched she took the time in that platform.” Calling into the show, Cox said, “This young man is so inspiring… I was frustrated that not enough people were talking about this case.”

Asked what motivated him to file his lawsuit, Grimm said his thought process was, “This is not right and this cannot continue, so what steps can I take so I don’t have to spend my high school career away from peers?” He’s currently required to use a single-stall unisex bathroom that no other students are obligated to utilize.

In response to Trump’s actions, Grimm worried that, if it’s up to individual states, people won’t “have civil rights.” Cox agreed, saying, “It sends a message to transgender youth that they are ‘less than.'” And the teen added, “What people really, really need to understand is how traumatic it can be.” Watch the full video below.

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