“Game Of Thrones” Fans Slam Entertainment Weekly For Jon Snow Spoiler

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Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Alive

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SPOILER WARNING: Jon Snow is alive. Most “Game of Thrones” fans are rejoicing over the news, except for the ones who didn’t get to watch the show on Sunday night, and instead found out the major revelation on Entertainment Weekly’s website Monday morning.

Kit Harington is featured on the cover of the May 13 issue of EW, which blares “He’s Alive!” in giant font. The actual magazine doesn’t hit newsstands until Friday and the new issues are usually unveiled on Thursdays, but the cover was published on the website’s homepage less than 12 hours after the show aired, and also popped up in followers’ Twitter feeds, with no attempt to censor the huge spoiler. And now those who have discovered the fate of Harington’s character on prior to watching the show are slamming the site in its comments section.

One person wrote, “You guys couldn’t wait 24 hours or at least put a massive warning on your site before making this the very first thing you see on your front page? Great job for all of us who can’t watch live.” Another fan said, “It hasn’t even been a full day yet,” and joked, “If social media existed back in 1999 a day after The Sixth Sense came out they probably would’ve put Bruce Willis on the cover with ‘He was a ghost the whole time!’ as the caption.”

In regard to how front-and-center the spoiler was on the site, one fan argued, “There’s also some discretion they could put up instead of just plastering a photo with ‘He’s Alive’ across their front page… No need to put such a major spoiler with no warning up.” Another fan similarly expressed, “It’s one thing to click an article that vaguely references the show. It’s another thing to spoil things via front page headline without clicking on anything.”

One fan, however, said that even though they “know to stay off websites before I see the episode,” EW managed to spoil the episode’s big twist regardless. “Too bad I signed up for EW’s ‘Game of Thrones’ emails, and even though I wouldn’t read the email yet, they spoiled it right in the subject line of the email I saw in my inbox,” the fan noted. “Sigh. Thanks a lot EW.”

But one fellow reader thought the others partially had themselves to blame, noting, “They literally do this after every ‘GoT’ episode. Why are you still surprised? I thought everyone was aware that if you don’t want spoilers, don’t come to until after you’ve watched the episode.” Meanwhile, one person suggested, “Don’t even use the internet if you don’t want spoilers!” Check out EW’s “Game of Thrones” cover below.

Game Of Thrones Fans Slam EW

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