Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel In Crisis?

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By Hugh Scott |


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One of the tabloids is claiming that Gal Gadot’s upcoming Wonder Woman sequel is “in crisis” simply because reshoots are underway. While it is true there are new scenes being shot, it’s not because the film is in trouble. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim otherwise.

According to Star, Wonder Woman 1984 is “making the studio sweat” because the production is allegedly “in chaos.” The tabloid quotes a so-called “source on set,” who says the reason execs didn’t take the film to Comic Con, a popular venue for teasing future films, is because they “didn’t have enough exciting scenes edited to show.”

The magazine goes on to say that Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are “scheduling reshoots, weighing L.A. over Europe because it’s cheaper.” The outlet’s anonymous insider adds, “This isn’t how it’s done on other blockbusters and the timing is making the studio nervous.” None of this is remotely accurate.

Despite what the tabloid’s unidentified “source on set” claims, a rep for Warner Bros. – the studio behind the film – calls the story “completely untrue.” And according to CinemaBlend, which cited multiple social media reports, Wonder Woman returned for reshoots in London nearly a month ago. Jenkins and Gadot are not “weighing L.A. over Europe,” considering they shot scenes in London weeks before the magazine’s article was printed.

The magazine’s statement about reshoots being unusual for blockbusters is also flat-out false. Additional photography on big budget films is a common practice and hardly a sign that the project is “in chaos.” Recents movies that underwent reshoots after filming wrapped include Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and Thor: Ragnarok, just to name a few. Even classics like Jaws and the first Rocky film had reshoots.

It should be noted, this isn’t the first time Star has been off-base on its reporting about Wonder Woman 1984. In June, the tabloid claimed Captain Marvel star Brie Larson was feuding with Gadot. That story also quoted an unnamed source as saying Larson had a “cold, superior attitude” towards the Wonder Woman star, who in turn want “to bring Brie down a peg.” Gadot’s spokesperson went on the record to dismiss the article as nonsense.

Gossip Cop also busted the tabloid last summer for wrongly reporting that Gadot was annoyed by Wiig’s jokes on the set of the film. Gadot’s rep confirmed there was no truth to that report either. The unreliable outlet won’t stop creating fictional behind-the-scenes drama.


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