Gal Gadot Playing Queen Esther In Movie About Jewish Holiday Purim?

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Gal Gadot Purim Movie Queen Esther

By Andrew Shuster |

Gal Gadot Purim Movie Queen Esther

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Gal Gadot is not starring as Queen Esther in an Israeli movie about the Jewish holiday Purim, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can debunk this fake casting news. We’re told the actress hasn’t signed on for such a film.

Purim, which began Wednesday night and continues through Thursday, is a religious holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman, an official in the Persian empire who plotted to kill them. The story is recounted in the Biblical Book of Esther, the Queen who played an integral role in saving the Jewish people from extermination.

According to the website Israel National News, Gadot is slated to portray the heroine on the big-screen in an upcoming movie musical titled Queen Esther. The actress is quoted as having told the blog, “Esther is the real Wonder Woman… I am so thankful for this opportunity to play the role.” The outlet further maintains that the film will be shot in Israel, in the Hebrew language.

Here’s where the report takes an absurd turn. The online publication claims that former President Barack Obama will make his acting debut in the film as the evil Haman, while Lorde will co-star as his wife. The site also says that all of the female singing voices in the film “will be computer generated and dubbed” because some in the ultra-Orthodox community are prohibited from listening to women sing. Additionally, Gadot will supposedly “wear a mask” throughout the entire movie.

Of course, if such a project were actually in the works, all of the big Hollywood trades would also have the scoop. Israel National News, however, is the only outlet in the world reporting about this supposed Purim movie. It makes no mention that it’s a joke but we can only assume that’s the case. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Gadot, who exclusively assures us on the condition of anonymity that the actress isn’t attached to a Queen Esther film.

It’s also worth noting, Gadot begins filming Wonder Woman 2 in the U.K. this June, and she already has a few other movies lined up after the DC Comics film wraps production. This phony article seems to have been written simply because Purim is currently underway and is marked with a degree of merriment. The Biblical story might very well make for a good movie, but Gadot isn’t involved such a project.

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