Gal Gadot: Fans Thought My Boobs Were Too Small To Play Wonder Woman

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Gal-Gadot Boobs Wonder Woman

By Andrew Shuster |

Gal-Gadot Boobs Wonder Woman

(Warner Bros.)

Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the upcoming superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, responds in a new interview to criticism from comic book fans that her boobs are too small to do the character “justice.”

Gadot graces the cover of the April issue of Glamour, in which she discusses her role as the iconic female warrior. “There were a lot of comments about the size of my breasts,” the Israeli actress says about Internet chatter. “When the interviewer asks, “Did they want them bigger or smaller?” Gadot jokes, “Uh, what do you think? I realized we can’t please everyone.”

But Gadot had the perfect response to fans who feel the character’s assets should accurately reflect the comic book. “In one interview I did say, ‘If you want it to really be true to the origin story, the [myth goes that] Amazons had only one breast; otherwise it would get in the way of the bow and arrow.'” She adds, “So!”

As far as body transformations go, Gadot reveals, “I’ve gained about 17 pounds [for the role], and it’s all muscle. I feel so much better now. When you feel strong, it changes everything: your posture, the way you walk. I look at photos from five years ago and think, ‘Whoa, I was too skinny. It’s not cool.'”

As far as Hollywood finally depicting a major female superhero onscreen, Gadot expresses, “It should have happened a long time ago!” She also promises, “I can do it like any man can do Superman or Captain America.” Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25, and Gadot’s Wonder Woman spinoff film opens on June 23, 2017.


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