Gaby Diaz “So You Think You Can Dance” Video: Watch Finale Performances!

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Gaby Diaz So You Think You Can Dance Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Gaby Diaz So You Think You Can Dance Finale Video


Gaby Diaz kept her frontrunner status during Monday’s “So You Think You Can Dance” performance finale. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Diaz has been the judges’ favorite throughout season 12. Despite being a tap dancer, the contestant has repeatedly blown away the panel with her mastery of both stage and street techniques. Several times she’s been commended as one of the best dancers in the history of the FOX competition.

For her first dance of the live two-hour episode, Diaz paired with Team Street’s Virgil Gadson for a “lyrical hip-hop” dance that Team Stage mentor Travis Wall said had some of the “hardest partner work” he’s ever seen. They pulled it off without a hitch, though, and received strong praise. Nigel Lythgoe told Diaz, “You’ve been investing for years, and it’s all paying off now.”

Immediately after, Diaz switched it up with the other Team Street finalist, Jaja Vankova. They did a Spanish-influenced jazz routine that was designed to play up the “duality” of emotions. She once again won Lythgoe’s raves, and he even said, “I’ve said it for weeks now, you’re both my favorites. One of you is gonna win.”

Diaz next partnered with the other Stage finalist, Hailee Payne, for a moving contemporary routine about fear and acceptance that earned the first standing ovation of the night from Abdul and Derulo. “You guys brought so much life to that piece,” Derulo told them. Lyhtgoe, particularly blown away by the emotions and the dancers’ connection, even expressed sadness that he’s never seen two guys partner in such a way.

In the live show’s second half, Diaz reflected on getting cut during her initial audition, before making it to callbacks after she tried again in another city. It wasn’t a surprise then when the Miami resident went back to her tap-dancing roots for her last-ever solo. She then had the honor of closing the show with a tap performance with All-Star Zack, where they amazingly danced on boxes two feet off the ground.

All the judges were on their own feet afterward, with Lythgoe admitting he has his fingers crossed for her. Derulo then stood on top of the panel’s table to give her the standing ovation he really felt she deserved. Diaz is now seeking to be named “America’s Favorite Dancer” next week, based on votes cast for last week and tonight’s performances. That’ll mean defeating fellow Stage dancer Payne, as well Team Street contestants Vankova and Gadson. Check out the videos below, and tell us if you think Diaz will win it at all!


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