Gaby Diaz And Neptune “So You Think You Can Dance” Video: Stunning Contemporary Gets Standing Ovation

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Gabby Diaz Neptune So You Think You Can Dance Video

By Shari Weiss |

Gabby Diaz Neptune So You Think You Can Dance Video


Gaby Diaz and Neptune had the most moving performance on Monday’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” earning a standing ovation from all the judges. Check out the video below!

The stage and street performers came together for a contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey. Tookey explained in rehearsals that the dance was meant to show “humanity” and “trust” between strangers. It did that and then some.

Derulo refused to sit back down after standing for his ovation, and told the contestants, “That performance was just unreal. You guys were more than just dancers. You became actors. You lived the story on stage, and it’s a clear difference between somebody actually living the performance and someone who was just going through the motions. That’s what you call a grade-A performance.”

Nigel Lythgoe said to Diaz, who is one of the frontrunners, “Whether you’re doing Broadway, contemporary, whatever you’re asked to do, you shine every single week. You’re my favorite stage dancer this year. Congratulations.” And to Neptune, Lythgoe poignantly said, “Eddie, Neptune, whatever you want to be called, I’m gonna call you a dancer. It must be incredible to experience what you experienced tonight… I would love to be you right now.”

And with time running short, Abdul simply told the pair, “I wish the world could all see each other as I saw the two of you tonight. Stunning routine. Beautiful.” Unfortunately, Neptune (real name: Eddie Eskridge) found out right after that he was in the bottom three for Team Street, and could end up eliminated at the end of the show if not saved by Twitter. Check out the video below, and tell is if you want Neptune to win the save!

UPDATE: He did it! Neptune won one of the saves, and was welcomed into the Top 10!


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