Gabrielle Union “GMA” Video: Watch “Being Mary Jane” Interview

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Gabrielle Union GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Gabrielle Union GMA Video


Gabrielle Union discussed “Being Mary Jane,” moving to Chicago with Dwyane Wade and working with Jamie Foxx on Tuesday’s “GMA.” Watch below!

The fourth season of “Being Mary Jane,” in which Union stars as a broadcast journalist, kicks off on BET on Tuesday night. The “Good Morning America” folks thought sitting with them might feel familiar for the actress, but she explained, “Mary Jane hasn’t made it to the anchor desk yet. She’s working on it. She’s scheming on getting there.”

Union continued, “She’s starting over. She got fired from her last job. She’s pushing 40 and having to start over. She’s low-man on the totem pole, and she’s completely humbled, and she’s got to fight her way back up.”

With her character now working in daytime TV, Union said, “I’m learning. I watch a lot of morning news now. I have to work on my perkiness,” amusingly adding, “It’s not a natural thing.” And when not filming the show, she’s enjoying her new hometown.

Union and Wade moved after he signed with Bulls. Asked if she’s treated herself to a good pair of winter boots, the star quipped, “I treat myself to food.” She went on, “Chicago has some of the best restaurants. So none of that Hollywood diet in Chicago. I’m just inhaling things.”

Union also appears in Foxx’s new movie Sleepless, and revealed why they would talk “smack” to each other on set. The actress also shared her obsessions with Bruno Mars and the Hamilton Mixtape. Check out the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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