Future Reveals He’s Single After Blac Chyna Tattoos His Name On Her Hand

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Future Single Blac Chyna Tattoo

By Andrew Shuster |

Future Single Blac Chyna Tattoo


Black Chyna fueled rumors on Sunday that she was dating rapper Future after getting his name tattooed on her hand. But now two days later, Future has revealed he’s “single.”

On Tuesday, Future tweeted, “Single & focusing on what makes me happy.” Additionally, the rapper indicated the possibility that he and the model were never a couple to begin with, writing, “U kno I dnt [expletive] wit no rumors.”

Social media went into a frenzy when Chyna showed off her new tattoo, but Twitter users are now in an even bigger uproar following Future’s proclamation. A Twitter user named @CorporateBarbie wrote, “Future’s single… But Blac Chyna’s hand isn’t. Interesting.”

A person with the handle @qweenpush joked, “all blac chyna gotta do is get ‘past’ tatted on her other hand it’ll be okay.” And @sindsaylimon similarly quipped, “Similar situation happened when I tattooed a Tinder date’s name on my body.”

As Gossip Cop has reported, Future previously dated Ciara and the two have a 1-year-old son together. Chyna was formerly in a relationship with Tyga, and the ex-couple share a 3-year-old boy. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Future saying he’s single just days after Chyna tattooed his name on her hand.


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