Freelusion “America’s Got Talent” Video: “Naked” Visual Dance Act Is “Mesmerizing”

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Freelusion America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Freelusion America's Got Talent Video


Freelusion performed a “naked” dance on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday that was nothing short of “mesmerizing.” Watch below!

Considered a “video mapping dance group” for using visual effects and dance routines to make powerful performance art, the act is made up of three dancers from wildly different backgrounds. After surviving the initial auditions and the Judge Cut rounds, the group made the risky choice to spotlight just two of three dancers for its first live performance at Radio City Music Hall. The move, however, more than paid off.

Freelusion closed the two-hour broadcast with a performance that had its dancers wearing nothing but flesh-colored underwear to appear nude in an apocalyptic-like setting. With a mournful version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” playing, the routine and imagery told a moving story of love and loss. And even Howard Stern, the judge known to be the stingiest when it comes to standing ovations, was on his feet at the end.

“That’s what it takes. You hit it right on the marks,” declared the shock jock. And after fellow visual dance act Freckled Sky stumbled last week, leading to their elimination despite being Stern’s Golden Buzzer act from the audition round, Howie Mandel told Freelusion, “Everything that missed for Freckled Sky last week, hit for you tonight.”

He further called the performance “amazing” and “perfect,” announcing that the trio “deserved to go through” to the semifinals. Heidi Klum also said the act was “perfect, perfect, perfect,” as well as “mesmerizing.” Mel B used “mesmerizing,” too, exclaiming, “I have to say, I didn’t want that to stop.”

Check out the video below! TELL US: Do you think Freelusion will survive Wednesday’s elimination?


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