#FreeShia Tweets On Shia LaBeouf Arrest Trend On Twitter

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Free Shia LaBeouf Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Free Shia LaBeouf Tweets

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“#FreeShia” became a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday following the arrest of Shia LaBeouf at his “He Will Not Divide Us” protest.

As Gossip Cop reported, LaBeouf was arrested for misdemeanor assault after an altercation with a fellow protestor. The actor is accused of scratching another man while attempting to grab his scarf during an argument. Contrary to speculation, Gossip Cop was told that this was not a disagreement over President Donald Trump, who is the subject of the protest.

LaBeouf’s arrest was captured by the live-streaming camera that is the focal point of the event, prompting people worldwide to weigh in on Twitter. Even some stars commented, too. Jaden Smith, who collaborated with LaBeouf on the launch of protest, tweeted, “#FreeShia,” as did Pete Wentz.

Twitter user @Codikenz exclaimed, “I JUST WATCHED SHIA GET ARRESTED ON HIS LIVE STREAM FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WTF #FREESHIA.” Supporter @ZeN_HWNDU urged, “LET US ALL MAKE #FreeShia TREND ALL OVER THE WORLD #hewillnotdivideus.” @itzzkait also encouraged, “Like/RT if you stand with Shia Labeouf. He’s done so many amazing things this week and he deserves recognition.”

Others, believing the dispute was over alleged comments about Hitler, objected to LaBeouf being held responsible for reacting to alleged hate speech. @amxndasantino said, “So shoving someone away and walking away maturely after they literally support Hitler is an altercation now? Wow such great logic.” And @Tendaaii questioned, “So the police expected Shia, a jewish man to stand there and listen to someone say the Nazis did nothing wrong and not do nothing?”

But not everyone using the hashtag was on LaBeouf’s side. @TheSaneHomo actually tweeted, “Im so glad the liberal scum, Shia LaBeouf, was arrested. Idiots trending #FreeShia are actual hypocritical political hacks.” @CoryRoswell argued, “#FreeShia Why wouldn’t he get arrested? We have freedom of speech and he broke the law. This isn’t rocket science.”

@LaurElizabth pointed out, “I’m sure the comments made to Shia were vile; but you can’t assault people, plain and simple. Yell right back at him or walk away.” ‏@realkhater posted, “Shia was arrested for attacking someone. He deserves to be arrested, why do you want the elite to get special treatment? Do not #FreeShia.” @AgentMulder5 noted, “Protestors: ‘Trump is gonna break laws and push people around!!’ *movie star protestor commits assault and battery* Protestors: #FreeShia.”

And @riyasharma266 said, “Protesting is a freedom we all have but terrorizing, attacking, & obstructing others freedoms should NEVER be tolerated. (Do not) #FreeShia.” Of course, LaBeouf has already been released from police custody. Nevertheless, many are still tweeting with the hashtag and debating the incident.

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