“Free Lauren” – Fifth Harmony Fans React To Lauren Jauregui Pot Bust

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Lauren Jauregui weed arrest

By Shari Weiss |

Lauren Jauregui weed arrest

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Fifth Harmony fans are reacting to Lauren Jauregui’s pot bust. See reactions tweets below.

It was reported, Jauregui was arrested on Tuesday after weed was allegedly found in her carry-on bag while at the Washington Dulles International Airport, although she was actually issued a citation. The singer was intending to fly to Brazil, where Fifth Harmony is performing at a Vevo music festival on Wednesday night. It’s unclear when Jauregui was released from custody, but Harmonizers have now made “#FreeLauren” a trending topic on Twitter, both worldwide and in the United States.

A number of fans actually posted memes and gifs poking fun at the situation, many cracked jokes, and a few actually praised the performer. @lorddxddy tweeted, “Lauren came out as bi, did a solo song, and got arrested in less than a month… She is a LEGEND.” @lovatoftcamren said to fellow Harmonizers, “LMAO @ us literally our biggest concern is where her mugshot is.”

@SkimoCF actually bragged, “The fact that she was causally tweeting an hour ago like nothing happened your fav would never.” @the100fansss similarly said, “Lauren gets arrested and then the first thing she does is make a post about #Aleppo when will ur fav ever.” @hotforjauregui even argued, “#FreeLauren she’s too much of gorgeous legend to be locked up btw.”

@finah pointed out, “Only Harmonizers would celebrate their fave getting arrested for the sake of promo and controversy.” And some others did question Jauregui’s alleged behavior. @NiallxLaurmani, for instance, wrote, “Some of you find it funny that lauren was arrested. I’m honestly just disappointed that my fave would put herself in that situation.”

@cryingobrien posted in all-caps, “WHY WOULD YOU BRING WEED TO AN AIRPORT.” @suga_mani_ said to the star, “I’m proud of you but I’m highkey mad at you for being so obvious. You cant get weed on your actual luggage. Come on.” @senseregui also admitted, “i feel like a disappointed parent even though i’m not surprised.”

“LAUREN IS SAVAGE but seriously im pretty disappointed when i hear about this,” tweeted @mirasafwah. And @Soorishidae explained, “I’m so disappointed in Lauren not for the weed bc we knew + it’s a minor drug but bc she was stupid enough to try to board a plane with it.” Jauregui herself has not spoken out about the incident.

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