Fred Savage: Don’t Make An Unauthorized ‘The Wonder Years’

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Fred Savage Unauthorized Wonder Years

By Michael Lewittes |

Fred Savage Unauthorized Wonder Years

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Fred Savage thinks an “Unauthorized: The Wonder Years,” unlike the ones made about “Full House” And “Beverly Hills 90201,” would be a real snooze-fest. “I don’t know who would view it,” he exclusively tells Gossip Cop. “I am proud to say it was pretty uneventful backstage at ‘The Wonder Years.’”

Savage, a Stanford University graduate and father of three, admits “nothing scintillating” went on behind the scenes of his hit 1980s series in which he starred for five seasons as Kevin Arnold, a young teen coming of age in the late 1960s. “It would be a lot of scenes of the actors learning their lines and going to bed on time, and going to school and making sure you could prepare for your AP exams,” Savage tells Gossip Cop. “There would be a lot of filling out of college applications.”

Perhaps things will be more exciting on the set of his new legal comedy, “The Grinder,” which premieres on September 29 on Fox. Savage plays a Boise, Idaho attorney, who’s joined at his firm by his actor brother (Rob Lowe), who has no real legal experience but used to play a lawyer on TV.

The series has already booked guest appearances by Christina Applegate and Emmanuelle Chriqui. But Savage says he would love to see the show’s producers find a way to bring on his “Wonder Years” co-star Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper). “She would be a great lawyer,” says Savage, explaining, “She is serious. She argues well. She is focused. I don’t think there are plans right now, but we would be lucky to have somebody like Danica.”


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