Franco Pulicati “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” Video: Watch 79-Year-Old Rollerblader!

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Franco Little Big Shots Video

By Shari Weiss |

Franco Little Big Shots Video


Franco Pulicati, a 79-year-old rollerblader from Italy, showed off his skills on Wednesday’s “Little Big Shots: Forever Young.” Watch the video below!

Pulicati worked as a carpenter and didn’t take up rollerblading until he retired at age 59. The language barrier provided some laughs, mostly unintentional. “Yeah, don’t know what the hell you just said,” host Steve Harvey confessed early on in the segment. “Where’s the translator?” A woman came out to assist and the skater deemed her a “guardian angel.” And then he confirmed he’s single.

Asked what’s his secret to happiness, the translator explained, “He loves women. And he likes to dream as if he were still a boy.” It was the first part that scored an embrace from Harvey. When Harvey said he liked being a boy because he didn’t have to pay taxes, Pulicati said in Italian, “Trump doesn’t pay his taxes, either.” An amused Harvey declared, “This has become my favorite show.”

Pulicati then did a cool routine in which he skated all around the show’s stage, limboed under ropes, and did splits. He even skated underneath Harvey. “Show your love,” the comedian exclaimed after. “Show your love for Franco!”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, “Forever Young” is a spinoff of “Little Big Shots.” Instead of focusing on young kids, it highlights older people who are young at heart. This week’s installment also featured Nat Jackson setting a jump rope record. There was also a swing dancer, a sand artist, a chicken caller and a very funny chef. Check out the video of Pulicati below!

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