Frances Bean Cobain Frightened By Home Intruder

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Frances Bean Cobain Home Intruder

By Michael Lewittes |

Frances Bean Cobain Home Intruder

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Frances Bean Cobain had a home intruder on Wednesday. The recently separated daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love was in her bedroom of her Hollywood Hills home when she heard the trespasser. But as soon as she went toward the front of the house to investigate the sound, the brazen intruder ran out of the home.

Thankfully, Cobain was uninjured and nothing was stolen, though Cobain was frightened by the incident. She immediately called the police, who are now looking into the attempted burglary. Cobain caught a glimpse of the suspect, but did not recognize the individual.

This isn’t the first time Cobain has had a home intruder. Back in 2012, a man was arrested after a house-sitter found a guy in her home. The man told the house-sitter he was a friend of Cobain’s, but she didn’t believe him and called the cops. After it was confirmed by Cobain’s people that she had no idea who the man was, he was taken into custody.

It’s been a tumultuous time for Cobain. As Gossip Cop reported a little more than a week ago, she filed for divorce from Isaiah Silva, her husband of less than two years. Cobain has offered to pay spousal support to Silva, who she secretly wed before a small group of friends in 2014. She did, however, make clear in her court filing that Silva, a member of the band The Eeries, should not even think about trying to lay claim to any money from her late dad’s estate, which is estimated to be worth in the hundreds of millions.

Cobain has not commented on social media about her divorce nor her recent home intruder. Gossip Cop will update as soon as we receive more information.


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