HollywoodLife Manufactures FKA Twigs “Twilight” Story About Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

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FKA Twigs Reaction Twilight Robert Pattinson

By Shari Weiss |

FKA Twigs Reaction Twilight Robert Pattinson

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HollywoodLife manufactured a story about FKA Twigs’ reaction to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart potentially working together again on a new Twilight movie. The supposed “exclusive” was exclusively made up.

On Saturday, the fabrication factory published a story headlined, “FKA Twigs Worried Robert Pattinson Will Reunite With Kristen Stewart On New ‘Twilight’ Film?” The article proclaimed to have “the EXCLUSIVE details on how FKA really feels about the former flames working together on another ‘Twilight’ film.” Though initially wondering whether things may “get messy,” the site went on to quote an alleged “source” who supposedly said, “Tahliah [FKA] has no problem whatsoever with Rob working with Kristen if they decide to film another Twilight movie. She doesn’t feel threatened by Kristen.”

“As far as Twilight is concerned, if this is something Rob really has his heart set on, she will of course support his decision,” the so-called “source” added to the outlet. Here’s the problem: Even though this is a positive story, it’s still a bogus one. HollyoodLies, as it’s known, does not have Pattinson and Twigs sources.

The webloid has repeatedly proven that with the long list of stories it’s gotten wrong about the couple over the last two years. In fact, this new article is based on one of those wrong ones. The whole premise here is Twigs’ reaction to Pattinson wanting to do a new Twilight movie. But he doesn’t. Gossip Cop already busted that wrong claim on Thursday.

There’s also another red flag. Towards the end of this new piece, HollywoodLife speculates whether “Rob and FKA called off their engagement, since they were photographed at LAX on Sept. 26 and she wasn’t wearing her sparkler.” But if the site just spoke to this inside “source” about the couple and Twigs’ feelings, why didn’t they ask and get the “exclusive details” on that, too?

That’s because time and again it’s been evident that these “sources” don’t actually exist, and the outlet is merely crafting original stories to game Google and rile up fans. Twigs is not reacting to a non-existent Twilight project with Pattinson and Stewart. And even if she was, no real, legitimate person close to her would be talking to HollywoodLies about it. The story is manufactured.

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