FKA Twigs Is NOT “Copying” Kristen Stewart’s Style, Despite Report

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FKA Twigs Kristen Stewart

By Michael Lewittes |

FKA Twigs Kristen Stewart

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FKA Twigs is not “copying” Kristen Stewart’s style, despite a new report from a blog that repeatedly fabricates stories about the two women. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. A source close to the situation tell us it’s “complete bullsh*t.”

According to the unreliable Celeb Dirty Laundry, both women have worn Chanel necklaces, blazers and belts, so clearly FKA Twigs is “purposefully targeting Kristen’s clothing and style.” And that pretty much is all the webloid has to offer. There are no side-by-side photos proving that FKA Twigs is “copying” Stewart’s style. There are no sources saying she is nor is there any real explanation as to why the singer would mimic Stewart’s look.

Of course, CDL is the same bogus site that Gossip Cop previously busted for wrongly claiming that Robert Pattinson was inviting Stewart to his wedding to FKA Twigs. It’s also the same absurd blog that Gossip Cop previously busted for wrongly claiming that Pattinson was dumping FKA Twigs to get back together with Stewart.

And while it’s obvious to anyone with clear vision that FKA Twigs is not “copying” Stewart’s style, we still checked into this latest tall tale, and not a word of it is true. A source assures Gossip Cop, it’s “complete bullsh*t,” adding their styles look “nothing alike.” If only CDL began “copying” Gossip Cop’s fact-checking, the webloid wouldn’t embarrass itself day-after-day.


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