FKA Twigs NOT “Dumping” Robert Pattinson Now That Her Career Has “Skyrocketed,” Despite Report

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FKA Twigs Dumping Robert Pattinson Break Up

By Andrew Shuster |

FKA Twigs Dumping Robert Pattinson Break Up

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FKA Twigs is not “dumping” Robert Pattinson now that her music career is taking off, despite a fabricated webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the rumor. We’re told it’s just not true.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Twigs is on the verge of breaking up with fiancé Pattinson because “she’s gotten what she needs from him.” The unreliable site alleges that the singer has been using the Twilight star throughout their entire six-month relationship for the sole purpose of advancing her career. Without any sources or a shred of proof to back up its claims, the webloid says that Twigs’ strategy was for her and Pattinson to become a “supercouple,” so she could benefit off his fame.

And now that she’s become more known, CDL attempts to tie a recent report about Twigs and Pattinson pushing back their wedding to its baseless breakup tale. Now having supposedly gotten what she wanted out of Pattinson, the site claims that the singer keeps suggesting they make the wedding more and more elaborate as a ruse to give the “low-key” Pattinson cold feet. And that’s not all.

The shameless website unsurprisingly drags Kristen Stewart into the whole made-up ordeal. CDL cites the Twilight actress as Twigs’ alleged inspiration for dating Pattinson, as she saw how their coupling seemingly benefited both of their careers. The site goes on to make the ludicrous assertion that because Twigs has now “reaped the benefits” of her own relationship with the actor, she’s ready to get rid of him.

But CDL can’t even see their nonsense story through to the finish line. At the end of its article, the webloid completely reverses course and wraps up by saying, “FKA Twigs does not want to see her career take a nose dive, so she’s not ready to cut Robert Pattinson loose just yet.” That blatant contradiction from everything else previously alleged is nothing more than CDL’s attempt to save themselves from future embarrassment when its report doesn’t pan out.

Regardless, Gossip Cop is told it’s “unequivocally false” that Twigs is planning to break up with Pattinson. The happy couple was spotted together at the Edinburgh airport on Monday, and the malicious allegation that she’s using him for his fame is completely untrue. Furthermore, we’re told that the wedding delay has nothing to do with relationship woes, but simply evolving plans.

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FKA Twigs is dumping Robert Pattinson now her career has skyrocketed.


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